in honour of the cat's mother. . .

may be the face I can't forget
a trace of pleasure I regret
may be my treasure or the price I have to pay
may be the song that Solomon sings
may be the chill that autumn brings
may be a hounded tearful thing
within the measure of the day.

may be the beauty or the beast
may be the famine or the feast
may turn each day into heaven or a hell

may be the mirror of my dream
a smile reflected in a stream
she may not be what she may seem
inside as shell

who always seems so happy 'n proud
who's eyes can be so private and so proud
noone's allowed to see them when they cry
she may be the love that can and hope to last
may come to me from shadows of the past
that I remember till day I die

may be the reason I survive
the why and where for I'm alive
the one I'll care for through the rough and rainy years

I'll take her laughter and her tears
and make them all my souvenirs
for where she goes
I get to be
the meaning of my life is
she, she, she. . .

or maybe I should settle for this:

Do not get me wrong I cannot wait for you to come home
For now you're not here and I'm not there,
it's like we're on our own
To figure it out, consider how to find a place to stand
Instead of walking away and instead of nowhere to land
This is gonna to break me clean in two
This is gonna to bring me close to you

She is everything I need that I never knew I wanted
She is everything I want that I never knew I needed

It's all up in the air and we stand still
to see what comes down
I don't know where it is, I don't know when,
but I want you around
When it falls into place with you and I,
we go from if to when

Your side and mine are both behind it's indication
This is gonna bring me clarity
This'll take the heart right out of me

She is everything I need that I never knew I wanted
She is everything I want that I never knew I needed

This is gonna bring me to my knees
I just wanna hold you close to me
She is everything I need that I never knew I wanted
She is everything I want that I never knew I needed
She is everything I needed
She is everything

or this:

And she was lying in the grass
And she could hear the highway breathing
And she could see a nearby factory
She's making sure she is not dreaming
See the lights of a neighbor's house
Now she's starting to rise
Take a minute to concentrate
And she opens up her eyes
The world was moving and she was right there with it
(and she was)

The world was moving she was floating above it
(and she was)
and she was

And she was drifting through the backyard
And she was taking off her dress
And she was moving very slowly
Rising up above the earth
Moving into the universe
Drifting this way and that
Not touching ground at all
Up above the yard

She was glad about it... no doubt about it
She isn't sure where she's gone
No time to think about what to tell them
No time to think about what she's done
And she was

And she was looking at herself
And things were looking like a movie
She had a pleasant elevation
She's moving out in all directions

Joining the world of missing persons
(and she was)
Missing enough to feel alright
(and she was)

or maybe we should vote on it?


Mel said... I'm worried about the cat's mother......

mig bardsley said...

I've always wondered - Why 'the cat's mother'?
Something to do with 'cat got your tongue?' maybe?
Anyway, Talking Heads must have my vote every time. Especially from that album.

Rimshot said...

What does 'the cat's mother' mean?

sorrow11 said...

Elvis Costello's version of "she " brings tears to my eyes every time...

Cat's mum?
feline anxiety...
not a purring metaphor..
to be sure!