so. . .

today I am wearing a new perfume (I'm not going to indulge you in my other sartorial secrets. . .)

it's actually not that new I purchased it last summer on my way home from La Belle France when I still had a smidgen of spending power about my person (thank g*d, or your alternative/favourite deity) (not that spending power is what life is about) (and more on that later) but have not really had an occasion to wear it since

anyhow, yesterday, when I was doing some thinking (dangerous, I know. . .) I decided that perhaps one doesn't need "an occasion" to wear parfum

so I opened the box and took out the beautifully shaped bottle and tried a delicate puff of it about my person

now, y'all know - and time has proven - that I'm not really a "girly" type of girl, so please don't take this new pleasure of mine in the wrong way

I'm not turning into a girl

I mean, I am a 43-and-one-half-year-old woman (cripes, less if I actually take note of the calender - my doesn't time fly) but that is not a reflection on my nature

people are just people, whatever bodies they happen to be in - and you know I truly believe that a body is only designed to carry your brain around for you, most other stuff is only as deep or shallow as your skin or sub-cutaneous fat

I digress. . .

back to the odours of the day

I did have a previous perfume - it was called Angels and Demons

but I have no angels in my life (a couple of you guys being the exceptions to that, as I think you know) and I have had more than enough demons in the last year to last me a lifetime (or several)

I haven't consigned that one to the bin, just yet, as you never know what the future may hold and it may hold "an occasion" where I need to be able to be someone's angel or demon

and today I decided that I would just wear some of the new perfume anyhow, even tho there is noone to appreciate it - apart from my good self

the new perfume is. . .


(but not actually that one,
my bottle is slightly less curvy
and is clear not frosted)

wow - doesn't the word GHOST look odd in capital letters? it is derived from an old English word "gast/gost" meaning "spirit/soul", and reminds me of the word "gust" which is derived from Olde Norske - but I'm not going into that now

back to spending power: it is not what life is about, even in one's middle age, as I was reminded the other day when I was reading that The Grauniad's pamphlet on The Power of Love

the pamphlet is one of a series on the Greek myths and love covers the story of Danae, Perseus and Dictys; Danae was the very beautiful daughter of the angry and jealous King Acrisius who had locked her up in a seemingly impenetrable tower with one tiny skylight, Perseus born to her from the golden love showered onto her by Zeus, the King of Gods and men (make what you will of a "golden shower", those with minds ruder than my own, but I'm not going there right now) and Dictys a poor lonely fisherman who lived in a hovel

when Danae, Perseus and Dictys got together (long story), she realised that she was finally happy - Dictys gave her something more valuable that the riches of her former home (the richly furnished but impenetrable tower, full of the golden love of the King of the Gods). . .


air and


if I wish you anything today, lovely people, it is sunlight, air and vistas; or any combination thereof

I was going to tell you about my experience of ghosts, but I fear I have taken up more than enough of your time already today


Mel said...

Why is it we 'save' perfumes for 'occasions'?
Seems to me 'the occasion' is today.
I mean, I only have a whole basket full! (most of which resemble bug spray on my body...eau de Raid)

At the moment it's eau de coffee cuz I've not forced myself to get 'that far' yet....but JUST to mark the occasion of yet ANOTHER snowy day in Iowa--I'll don perfume!

I wonder how long it'll take himself to ask "What's the occasion?" LOL

P.S. I LIKE ghost stories!

I, still, like the views said...

there is only today, mel isn't here

a billion yesterdays, probably billions of tomorrows, but right now only one today

Malc said...

I've got a bottle of aftershave that I've been keeping for at least three years. But I suppose I'm not a blokey bloke. And I always feel there's something not quite right about men's perfumes.

Ghost stories are terrific. And 'gust' on Orkney means a strong wind (of course) and to beat down.

mig bardsley said...

I'm a bit casual about perfume. (except it's usually oh de 14711 - or is that 17411 - well you know the turquoise and gold bottle, so not technically perfume)
I like it, so I splash it on... when I remember.
And then when it starts running out I panic and think, Oh I should have kept it for a special occasion :)

mig bardsley said...

But the diorissimo has to last a whole year - till next Christmas so I'm not as cavalier with that.

I, still, like the views said...

so, we're all coming up smelling of roses (or something else equally pleasurable) today