falling into that beautiful thing called. . .

LOVE. . .

anyone seen the back of a Galaxy wrapper recently then? they have a new catch phrase "never stop falling in love"

(quite what that has to do with chocolate I have no clue) (but then, what does a Galaxy bar have to do with chocolate you might ask - not much, if you ask me, since you did - and I'm looking at the ingredients listing right now) (it's all Greek) (no really, it is - Greek! why does chocolate made in Slough and purchased in the UK have a Greek listing?) (actually, I've just looked at it a little closer - it's in Turkish) (go figure)

anyhow, wrappers if I had a scanner hooked up to the computer, I'd scan in the examples (I actually have to admit I have three wrappers in front of me) (and no, I don't eat this kind of "chocolate" - I prefer 80% cocoa solids minimum) (if you really want to know, Santa gave Smallest Person a chocolate fountain for xmas, so I suspect she and/or her brothers are the "chocolate" consuming culprits in this case) (I digress)

where were we? oh yes. . .


yesterday The Grauniad had a little pamphlet all about "love"

that was a slightly higher quality read than the back of the Galaxy wrapper, but you'll have to purchase a back copy and read it yourself if you didn't yesterday

as for the wrapper in front of me, there are two versions (kind of makes me think do they want you - yes, you, not me, cos I don't like Galaxy, as previously explained - altho, curiously, I do like Minstrels, and used to go out with the son of one of the Black & White kind but I'm not going into that here and now - do they want you to keep buying the chocolate to collect the wrappers and see how many kinds of "love" there are?)

the two I have in front of me cover "flirtation" and "euphoria"

actually, now I'm paying attention there seem to be five varieties: "attraction", "flirtation", "euphoria", "doubt", "the truth"

I don't have time to re-type the descriptions up now, as I have places to be and things to do (I'm sure you are ever so pleased to know that) (yes, you at the back lurking)

but it did occur to me that there are also five stages of grief

and we each have five fingers on a hand and five toes on a foot and most common starfish have five legs - so why did we used to count money in twelves? and distance in other quantities? and weight in something else again? I mean it is easy to halve and the quarter something and then halve it again to make eight, but only if you are cutting up circular cakes or squares or rectangles, so amounts divisible by four kind of make sense (so maybe it's that there are four fingers on a hand and one thumb?)

I should really go look all this up in an encyclopedia, but as I said I don't have time

anyhow, the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance

let's do a compare and contrast, between love and grief, you know kind of like an A-level essay, shall we?

"attraction" = denial
"flirtation" = anger
"euphoria"= bargaining
"doubt" = depression
"the truth" = acceptance

I think the good people at Mars' marketing are onto something, altho I think they typed up their LOVE listing in the wrong order. . .

(more later on these fascinating topics and the contents of my drugged and befuddled mind, I really do have to go - have a good afternoon y'all)


Saffron said...

i think i've finally reached stage five - the truth! on the verge of starting the whole vicious cycle all over again...

according to wikipedia - but i would rather have the passionate kissing than the chocolate but then my teeth are a bit sensitive :S

Anonymous said...

You dislike Galaxy...

I'm not sure we can get along any more. Any kind of relationship with such a person would be a farce and nothing more ;p

I, still, like the views said...

horse it would be perfect - you'd get the whole bar all to yourself with no need to share!! and I could eat my way thru a box of rose and violent creams. . .

the expensive kind, made with 80% cocoa solids chocolate. . .

and since we'd be going dutch, so to speak, that means you'd have about a gazzillion famaily sized bars of Galaxy to my one discrete and diminuitive box of R&V creams


saffron, sweetheart welcome

cycles don't have to be vicious (unless it's a tricycle you're on)(three's always a crowd)

try Sensodyne for your teeth

it worked for me

love/grief don't


Dave said...

I still have no idea about what you are talking.

I hope to get some more drugs from the GP tomorrow. Maybe then I will.

ziggi said...

violent creams! They sound just up my street!!

Actually I quite like Galaxy sometimes but prefer Cadburys Fruit and Nut if you're passing!

(OK can you remember the advert with (I think) Frank Muir singing 'everyone's a fruit and nutcase'?)

Anonymous said...

You have successfully patched the holes in our relationship, well done :)

Now, hand over the galaxy...

(remember Men in Black? "The galaxy is on...ORION'S BELT.")

Saffron said...

i'll try the sensodyne and that if you'd be as so kind as to send some rose and violet creams my way too - i would be eternally grateful! they sound yummy ;D

Mel said...


Popcorn is soooooooo much less complicated!

*going to pop some*

(is this where I ask what the heck a 'galaxy bar' even is)

Oh.....seven stages (shock, denial, bargaining, guilt, anger, depression, acceptance)--unless you're going by Kubler-Ross who knocked it down to five.
LOL Darnit--that just blows the four fingers and one thumb deal, too, huh?

Rimshot said...

Me, I can't stand dark chocolate. I like the sickeningly sweet, Halle Berry colored milk chocolate that isn't at all bitter and is very melty and smooth. But I prefer hard candies anyways so what do I know.

And I know even less about love.

Mel said...

Silly me.....how impolite....

*waving at saffron*

Pleasure to meet you, ma'am.

dinahmow said...

I/m just here to tell Ziggi: don't recall the FM one, but remember the Two Ronnies doing it.In tutus!
And I HATE milk chocolate.

Gordie said...

Why are you comparing love to grief?
'Flirtation = Anger'
(And I thought we were starting to get along...)

"You go back to her
and I go


Dave said...

Huzzah!! GP has given me new drugs, and signed me off work. Soon I will understand your blog again.

mig bardsley said...

I always thought chocolate was supposed to be an alternative to falling in love.
But I know nothing.
I think I'll go and look it up while waiting for more ramblings from your fascinating mind :)

Mel said...

*sipping coffee and waving*


Anonymous said...

*sipping tea and waving, because coffee is gross.*


Saffron said...

hello mel, lovely to meet you too!

would anyone care for some whisky? it's very cold at the moment ;D

Dash said...

*sipping hot chocolate and waving, because both tea and coffee are gross.... and so are Galaxy bars!*

Mel said...

((((((( dash )))))))

Nice to see you again, ma'am--even if it IS with a cuppa hot chocolate in hand. ;-)