no - ethernet!

so. . . today I learnt what an ethernet cable is

why didn't someone tell me before. . . stupid computer, useless BT HomeHub. . . even my new laptop (kindly purchased for me by CH, who sadly drove off in his silver soft top before checking I'd read the instruction manual) (d'oh) (I think Homer will be my mentor forthwith) (and there I was, thinking I was a cross between Marge and Lisa) (yes, Small People are watching tv in the background again) failed to work when I tried to go Sip 'N' Surfing at Cafe Nero. . .

it's all been very sad
tomorrow no doubt will be a new day
sleep well


Mel said...


There's this little button on the laptop you gotta push to find the wireless connection.
Ask if I realized that--g'head......


NO, I did not.


((((( ILTV )))))
I'm sorry today was a sad day.

I, still, like the views said...

I needed The Girl mel

amongst others

it all went a little pear shaped and now I think I need to go to bed and get some ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz's

thanks for the hug

mig bardsley said...

There is always a part that the manual doesn't explain adequately.
And no one ever tells you about it. That's my experience anyway.

mig bardsley said...

Sleep well :)

Mel said...

Well, she does make you laugh about it!
Which is a good thing.
Otherwise I'd be takin' it all a bit too seriously.

Imagine that!

Sleep well.