Tumble Out of Bed and
Stumble to the Kitchen;
Pour Myself a Cup of Ambition,
And Yawn, and Stretch, and Try to Come to Life.
Jump in the Shower, and the Blood Starts Pumping;
Out On the Street, the Traffic Starts Jumping,
With Folks Like Me On the Job From Nine to Five

Nine to Five, What a Way to Make a Living;
Barely Getting By,
it's All Taking and no Giving
They Just Use Your Mind, and
They Never Give You/You Never Get The Credit
It's Enough to Drive You Crazy
If You Let It

They Let You Dream
Just to Watch Them Shatter
You're Just a Step On the Boss Man's Ladder
But You've Got Dreams He'll Never Take Away
In the Same Boat With a Lot of Your Friends
Waitin' For the Day Your Ship'll Come In
And the Tide's Gonna Turn, and It's All Gonna Roll Your Way

Nine to Five,
For Service and Devotion
ou Would Think That I
Would Deserve a Fair Promotion
Want to Move Ahead,
But the Boss Won't Seem to Let Me
I Swear Some-times
That Man Is Out to Get Me

Nine to Five,
They've Got You Where They Want You
There's a Better Life, and
You Dream About It, Don't You?
It's a Rich Man's Game, No Matter What They Call It
And You Spend Your Life
Putting Money in His Pocket.


Dash said...

Hooray!! Good choice - I love this song!!! I even bought her 'greatest hits' album on itunes the other week.

*running off to find ipod*


Saffron said...

the lyrics especially the last verse remind of a 9-5 office job i had once upon a time. i hated it so much and ended up walking out after a few months to which i was then sent a letter a few days later saying i was being formally sacked on grounds of gross misconduct - oh no! it's the end of the world!!

then yesterday i was cleaning out the house and came across the letter and another one which turned out to be pension details. if i had stayed at that awful soul destroying company till i was 60 i would have a rather meager pension of less than £400 a month.

i just don't think that'll cover all those round the world trips i envision for my golden years!

Rimshot said...

Now I'm depressed. The song encapsulates my worker bee life.

*boo hoo*

Pity party at my house this weekend, you're all invited.

Steg said...

No no no. This is your place, sweetie. Here you don't need excuses or apologies. Here what you say goes and the Hell with anyone else's opinion.

Fabulously catchy song though.

mig bardsley said...

I don't know what you're apologising for. Is it something obvious I've missed?
Well I don't mind anyway. No apologies or excuses needed :)

Mel said...


Oh, don't apologize.

Earlier I was humming 'Take this job and shove it'.
THAT was deserving of an apology.

(But ONLY cuz the computer program stopped working on THE busiest day for me to do computery kinda work stuff!)

Mel said...

Good grief......I must be having a hard technology day--three turns to log in to leave a comment?!

Make that four! LOL

Five? ROFL

Anonymous said...


The O'Noisigans were playing this very loudly one day, and we had a sing-off through the wall. The O'Noisigans are my noisy neighbours. I'll write about them one day, mark my words. Their favourite tune is Karma Chameleon, and they like to play it at four in the morning.

Dolly's much better :)

KAZ said...

Dolly Parton is the new Mae West.
I love some of her quotes e.g. "I'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I'm not dumb... and I also know that I'm not blonde.”

Boz said...

Gotta love Dolly. My favourite quote from her came from her guest-stint presenting the National Lottery Live:

"I'm thrilled to be here presenting the Lottery. I've got my ticket and I sure hope I win. Well it takes a lot of money to look this cheap."

Mel said...


I always liked her "I have little feet cuz nothing grows in the shade."

*checking feet*

Size ten. LOL

I, still, like the views said...

*breathes a HUGE sigh of relief*


*curses internet connection*

HEY!! Dolly is appearing at the O2 in June, maybe I should book us some tickets


I LOVE YOU ALL (even Dave, who doesn't comment on song lyrics)