down, depths, deep. . .

. . .depression

why do they all begin with D

I suppose some words have to

I was thinking about how I got myself better last time - not by wallowing in it, once it had been diagnosed. . .

HA! another D

. . .but by taking control

back then, I looked up healthy, anti-depression eating and found out about the benefits of turkey sandwiches and almonds at bedtime, about why bread and salad covered in nuts and seeds are good for your brain chemistry (which makes perfect sense if you think it is only a few millenia since we've been hunter/gatherers) (nuts and seeds, seeds especially contain all sorts of good things that your brain needs for its chemistry)

I exercised, I relaxed, I did some self-healing as well as some introspective stuff, I did interesting things, made plans for the next few days - not too far ahead, just enough to cope with

and, eventually I beat it

so, this week I have:

  • been swimming (twice)

  • joined a yoga class (even invested in a pair of "yoga trousers" - not my ideal sartorial style, but one has to make compromises)

  • been to a life drawing class :-)

  • I gave a present and I received a present

  • done a teensy-weensy bit of retail therapy (in the sales - saved myself £££££££££££s)

  • talking of pounds, I have been taking my medication properly (one of the tablets makes you gain weight - PAH; one of the others makes you loose weight - HA HA; so I have remained my perfect size 10), taking the anti-anxiety meds at the right time so that they don't affect my driving to school pick-up, (such that CH's car insurance is not invalidated should someone prang me) (can you believe that they give you tablets which invalidate your car insurance?) (no, me neither), have worked out the perfect timing to take my sleeping tablet

  • eaten really well, dug out the juicer from the cellar and juiced all the fruit and veg I bought but wasn't able to eat; when the children complained about a lovely meal I made I threw it in the bin and ordered them pizza and charged it to CH's account and just didn't give a damn, quite frankly

  • looked up "emotions after divorce" on the internet and realised I am not in fact mad, but just going thru what a lot of people go thru (yeah, right - try telling the head doctor that)

  • had my hair put back to its natural colour (that's blonde, people, blonde; Swedish blonde in fact)

  • I have had lunch with one friend, a spontaneous coffee with the other (YEAH!! I have two friends!!) (and they have me)

  • had a nice hug from someone

  • made contact with someone vaguely interesting whose number I lost (thank g*d for FaceBook - and whichever one of you lovely lot it was made me sign up for it)

  • and I have a plan for Saturday night, so I'm not sitting here all on my tod

and it's only Thursday!!
happy Thursday. people


Rimshot said...

YAY, First!

Whew, I'm exhausted just READING that list! I'm also inspired to try a few of those things if only just to see if it shakes me from my lethargic routine.

As Chicago once sang: "You're the inspiration"

Dave said...

I think it was me made you sign up for Facebook.

My name starts with D.

I'm really ill now. Can't write anything more witty than that.

Dash said...

Blimey. I thought I was doing well because I set my alarm to wake me this morning instead of me just sleeping through half the day as usual.

That was my whole plan.

Now? I haven't got a clue for the rest of the day.... or the week.... or anything else.

mig bardsley said...

Happy Thursday indeed and to you too!
I think I'm inspired too :)
I may go and do something interesting and healthy and invigorating almost immediately. (coffee first though)
Well done you :)

(I'm sure you look tremendous in yoga trousers btw)

Dave said...

It almost appears that you subscribe to the 'pull yourself together' school of psychology.

Mel said...

Well, I think it's wonderful!

I'm also thinking I could stand with a bit of activity, myself....

*checking the thermometer again*



(and you give LOTS of prezzies out, silly...all the time)

((((((( dave ))))))))))
Feel better.....soon!

Steg said...

Happy Thursday, indeed. Made all the happier by hearing you sound so positive!

D is also for dynamic, delightful and decisive!

Gordie said...

Divorced, decisive, distinguished, distingue, disturbed, depraved, deprived, demure, demanding, demonstrative, dim sum, dim subtraction, dim multiplication, dim vision, sunglasses, reading glasses, contact lenses, contact details, Facebook, facepack, backpack, bookbinding, bookbinder, Bix Beiderbecke, Jelly Roll Morton, Morden via Bank, Tate Modern, Tate and Lyle, Lyle Lovett, Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman, Pretty Vacant, vacant lot, Lot's wife, pillar of salt, pinch of salt, pinch me I'm dreaming, pillar of the community, Homer Simpson, which will bring us back to "D'oh!"

See how neatly it all fits together?

dinahmow said...

You're doing well, kiddo!
I start with D too. Can't be all bad, now can it?

I, still, like the views said...

oh gordie, now you've got me singing "doe, a dear, a female dear"


"ray, a drop of golden sun

me, a name I call myself. . ."

it just gets better and better. . .

. . .must be the meds finally kicking in


or maybe it's you guys, my lovely lovely friends!