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what inspires me about this blogthingy
in particular
is the optimism
of the people who write the commentary. . .

this is what they said about you guys + the four or five friends I have in "real life":

"Your friends and family* rating measures your relationships with those around you, and is based on how large, healthy, and dependable your social network is. Your friends and family score is not bad but can be improved. Maintain your current social net, while you try to expand it. Try new things and form new friendships. You will be rewarded greatly."

(*course, it doesn't help that one of my parents is dead and one of my in-laws is dead; one of my brothers lives in Oz and the other in Dubai. . .)

this is what they said about my "love" rating:

"Your love rating is a measure of your current romantic situation. Sharing your heart with another person is one of life's most glorious, terrifying, rewarding experiences. You have a rather low love score. While some are lucky, for most of us love doesn't fall in our laps. You must actively work on improving this area. Do not despair, there is someone out there for you."

how do they know there is someone out there for me? are they psychics? anyhow, I'm not bothered about "working actively" on that right now. . .

as dave pointed out earlier, I'm working actively on pulling myself together* (and more on that tomorrow) (you lucky lucky people you)

(*which is why the first ILTV's url was "open the curtains", cos my best ever joke - but remember, I have a dreadful sense of humour - is "doctor, doctor I feel like a pair of curtains!" etc etc)


Gordie said...

Why should you want to work hard on being 'glorious, terrifying, rewarding', one might ask.

I hadn't realised the origin of Open The Curtains. A refusal to pull yourself together?


mig bardsley said...

Those people remind me of my Domestic Science teacher from grammar school. "You have a rather low score. Husbands don't just fall into our laps you know. You must work actively on improving your cooking skills. And tidy up the kitchen area"

She didn't say cooking was a glorious terrifying experience though. And there was no mention of rewards. I guess she wasn't so optimistic.

Mel said...

Well, that was a kinda fun quiz thingy.

And you're right, the optimistic feedback of the authors was nice, for a change.

I got a 9.1 in the love department, but I'm not tellin' Mr. Crabby Pants....
He'd gloat....and he's already a handfull. LOL

Rimshot said...

Oh dear! I do not wish to share my scores. Suffice it to say that you, dear I,S,LTV, crushed my numbers by a good margin in EVERY catagory.

(I believe the support group can come round about 7:00 PM.)