the thing about life is

that's it's a constant work in progress

isn't it?

so sometimes it is important to remember to give people the benefit of the doubt, not be too quick to judge, not be too slow to offer support
(of course, this applies to oneself as well as to "people")


Mel said...


Oh, you're a smart one.

And OH boy did I get the privilege of being on the side of 'not to slow to support and not so quick to judge' a NUMBER of times today.

Were you that mouse in the corner? :-)

katherine. said...

the benefit of the doubt is soooo important. you never know what is going on beyond the surface with people...

I certainly am thankful people gave me the benefit of the doubt.


work in progress...always.

katherine. said...

I just about got the timing right to get these silly fish

this fish over here ------->

to follow me around in a circle.

Sorrow said...

still cramming for my finals..
still pulling a D+

with extra points for effort..

caroline said...

May all works of art unfold fearless and free!

Dave said...

I need not to be judged at the moment, thanks.

I, Like The View said...

oh Dave - noone is, not here anyhow


caroline welcome, and indeed fearless and free - well said!

sorrow you get straight 'A's in my book


katherine those fish must be fearless and free, eh

the benefit of the doubt is a wonderful gift to give and receive


Mel think I learnt a lot of it from you, dearheart


Mel said...

'Contempt prior to investigation'--uncool.

And that yellow fishie and blue fishie that wander off away from the herd.....LOL NAUGHTY fishies.

Thinkin' "c'mere little fishies" might be what himself wakes up to this morning. LOLOL

Rimshot said...

(takes notes furiously in his super-secret folder for judging purposes)

starbender said...

I try not to judge people, I feel that maybe if you walk'd in their shoes, what they do and how the do it just might make sense.

Anonymous G said...

judge, schmudge!!

just an open heart and mind.

that's my favorite point of view...

Mel said...

June bugs.. BAD. VERY BAD.

k.....judge and jury--they NEED to go bye-bye. LOL

<-- does NOT enjoy June Bugs.


Just sayin'.....

Mel said...

Good Morning on a lovely, birdie chirping Friday!

(I'm hoping it's happiness on their part from bugs for breakfast.....just sayin'...)

katherine. said...

chirping birdie out the the 5:39 this morning.

they should have their little beaks full of bugs and not be waking me up.

mig said...

I'm too slow to be able to judge people. By the time I decide about them they've turned round and shown a different side.
And often, it looks a bit like me!
Ooh no. No judgements thank you!

(Have to agree with you though Mel about the june bugs)