a little late to the table, but

an offering for Friday nonetheless
take one juicer:

and a blender:

and lots of gorgeous
delicious exotic fruit:

and we have fruit smoothies all round!

(and of course, there is coffee too!)



Dave said...

Thank you. Just what I need after a morning working outside.

katherine. said...

I'll share the coffee....

maybe one of those healthy things later in the morning...

you are not late to the table here!

I sent your email a weblog you may get a kick out of...

starbender said...

There is nothing like a fresh made smoothie... Yummy!

My kids love them, but they make such a mess making them. They won't let me do it, they are teens, and only teens can do things right. Augh!!! They tend to drive me crazy! I wouldn't trade 'em for the world.

KAZ said...

I'm probably too late for a smoothie - but I'd love a coffee... and to hell with a good night's sleep.

Mel said...

Oh-- well I'm pretty sure you know my belief about sleep being over-rated.

Coffe, thanks. Black.

k....I'm relatively sure I could TRY that smoothie thingy.
Is that the drink with yogart and ice and fruit all smooshed up together?

k....Since they don't come in separate compartments I think I'm being awful brave. LOL

Mel said...

Good Saturday morning to you, ma'am.

The chirpy tweeting birdies are ever so happy this morning.


I, Like The View said...

Mel and good morning to you, too! the sun is shining and the sky is blue here - think the birds have taken cover somewhere shady!

we can do you all the elements of smoothies in individual glasses if you like, each with their own straw! how would that be?


choice is a great thing, eh KAZ


star mine too - and why am I the only one that realises that the juices has to be cleaned out during and after the juice making? but as you say, wouldn't trade them for the world. . .


katherine. ah, the joys of being connected to the world - and thanks for the link, it was great. . . sent you one in return!

Dave my pleasure

Mel said...

Geeze, I'm such a squirrley person about things which can be put together and things which cannot. LOL

Himself stands poised at the skillet and asks "can mushrooms touch?" before he adds them. LOL What a well trained fella.

mig said...

Oh juice and coffee! Wonderful, thank you :)