is very theraputic
a while back The Teen and I went to a demonstration of how to use acrylic paint, at an art supply shop that we occasionally frequent for supplies
it was fascinating
mainly because I've never been taught how to paint, or how to use different types of paint; the product was being sold at a promotional price (40% off!) so we invested in some of the different types of paints we'd seen demonstrated
yesterday evening, when the children went off to their father's for the weekend, I started messing about with the paint
it was wonderful
of course, I actually still have whole walls to redecorate, so quite how I could justify a 12"x8" canvas I don't know - but sometimes one has to opt for fun over sensible
I hope you have a good day today
and manage to have a little fun


Dave said...

I only started using acrylics a couple of years ago, having only used watercolours up until then - I think I prefer watercolours, but I have had some interesting results with acrylics.

I think I may start painting again in the winter - I've got too much to do outside at present.

Mel said...

Gosh, the only painting I know how to bluff my way through is the walls of this house.

No foolin'.

But as artistic as you are--I've no doubt only good will come from the tubes of paint.

<-- DOES fingerpaint on occasion--does that count? :-)

Mel said...

OH!! OH!!!!!

Star's visited me!!!!


No little boats yet--but it's just a matter of time! LOL

<-- is excited she's returned!!

OH! I need to let Mig know Star's back! :-)

She's back!! She's back!!!!!

katherine. said...

I envy you all of your creativity....

Rimshot said...

A 12 foot x 8 foot canvas!?!?!? Holy cow!!!!

Will there be photos of your masterwork?

Anonymous said...

See? Told you you can paint!
I'm tempted to have a go myself, but too many other things to finish.

Dave said...

With a 12'x8' canvas you don't need to decorate - it must fill an entire wall.

Anonymous G said...

Painting would be stressful for me, not theraputic.

I so admire your talents!

Painting, drawing, sculpting...... anything in the art category.

I can create a mean cuppa coffee. That counts for something, doesn't it?

oh, how pitiful.....

Mel said...

Whoa ain't everyone who can create a mean cuppa coffee! That, dearheart, is an artform in and of itself!!!

<-- has had plenty of (excuse the language) 'piss water' folks claimed was coffee


You can make coffee for me ANYtime!

(((((((((( G )))))))))))

Hmmm.....speaking of coffee.....

I, Like The View said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm coffee, Mel ! I'm still on my first cup of tea this morning. . .

I'll just chat back with you folks for a bit and then I'll go see if my machine is in working order this morning (what could be worse - no internet, or no coffee machine?)

G wish you were here - I'd show you that you can!

Dave and shot I've corrected that now


dinah ah, but I can only paint abstracts - I would love to be able to paint landscapes and the sky

shot I've been tempted to take photos - but the work is not very masterly

if only I could encapsulate the good vibes that come from pushing the paint around the canvas and share with you a bunch of those!

*waves happily* @ katherine.Mel there is nothing wrong with finger painting! nothing at all. . . apart from the way the paint gets clogged in your nails

and star ?! that news is making me smile!

Dave nothing I produce would ever match the paintings in your gallery

Mel said...

Oh, he does very cool things with a brush, indeed!

If there's good vibes that come from pushing the paint, then it's all good.

However, I was really excited about that 12x8 foot canvas, thinkin' a whole wall was gonna be the result--can we trade in the inches and go for the feet?! :-)

Oh, you know me--if some is good.... LOL

Yes, thank you. One cream, one sugar. About 11am it switches to black.....but always, always 'spoon standing' material. :-)

mig said...

It's years since I did any painting. Wonderful to know that you are :)