let them eat. . .

. . .jaffa cake!

for those not in the know, the only way to do this properly is to nibble around the edges, freeing the smashing orangey bit in the middle - it will peel gently away from the biscuity/cakey bit on the bottom so that you can enjoy its orangy juicy goodness. . .
(and, of course, the delicious dark chocolatey layer on the top)
and then you can ditch the rest
(cake or biscuit - who cares? the only good thing about a jaffa cake is the smashing orangey bit!)
and then help yourself to a cup of lovely hot coffee! (or tea, if you're Dave)


Vicus Scurra said...

just the coffee thank you.

Mel said...

k......I'm game.

Though I'll add that I did go to the recommended website and STILL don't get the difference between cookies/biscuits/digestives and cakes....well, mostly I don't get it, but according to these instructions I'm to toss the other bits and just go for the orangey stuff.
Sooooooooo....is the organgey stuff jelly like?

<-- k.......still doesn't get it. LOL OBVIOUSLY!!

Black please--the hour would warrant black.
(sleep IS over-rated yaknow!)

Dave said...

Just the tea, thanks.

Picture of duckies at my place today, taken especially for you and Mel.

I, Like The View said...

I'll pop over and check that out shortly, Dave

yup - jelly-ish, Mel - and expecially for Vicus over here it doesn't contain any of that stuff that vegans can't eat. . . bit like the cakey/biscuity bit doesn't contain any gluten - so you could nibble if you wanted

or just chuck it! I'll get the coffees in

Vicus, how about a lovely pot of homemade marmalade instead?

Vicus Scurra said...

Yes, as long as it is lovely.

Rimshot said...


KAZ said...

Mmmmmmm - wonderful Jaffa Cakes. I hope the person who invented them got a knighthood.
They make them just round the corner from my place.

zIggI said...

they're just yum aren't they!
Yes please with a nice cup of Guinness (going to Ireland tomorrow for a week **sigh**)

Mel said...

*laughing at rim's lego fellas*

k....coffee, black.
And I'll try the jelly gunk as long as you and himself are telling me that's the bestest part.
OR the marmalade--cuz I have TOAST now! :-)

I, Like The View said...

Mel you can have both - jelly gunk and marmalade (toast! YUM!!)

ZigZ Ireland! enjoy!!

KAZ many years ago I used to commute to work past a biscuit factory. . . every morning I could smell warm chocolate and baking biscuits! I'd forgotten about that!

Shot that's reminded me that I have a video to watch - thanks sweetie!

Vicus of course it is - I made it

katherine. said...

these are yummy!

I love the flavors of orange and chocolate together...

Anonymous G said...

Can I buy these over here??

I want to give them a try!

Orangey stuff and chocolate? How could that taste anything but yummy?


hi, iltv!!