sleepy head

(you know:
"'to bed! to bed!', said Sleepy Head
'tarry a while', said Slow
. . ."
that one)

(and for those who don't, in full:
"'to bed! to bed!', said Sleepy Head
'tarry a while', said Slow
'there's food in the pan', said Greedy Nan,
'let's sup, before we go'
that's how I learnt it, anyhow!)

comfy bed. . .

garden shed. . .

change of meds. . .

TGD (The Good Doctor) changed my meds a while back but I was sick and unable to get the prescription; yesterday I felt well enough for a short walk in the sunshine (it was quite lovely! almost cheering!) and collected the new drugs; I switched last night, didn't get a wink of sleep; far too early to tell, but no doubt I'll be reporting back; not a huge issue in the bigger scheme of things, but right now I'm living in the smaller scheme of things, the miriad of tiny details that keep a life ticking over. . . and that's fine; but look - hey - I'm sitting here, doing this. . .

. . .sleepy head, comfy bed, garden shed what else rhymes with the sound "ed" and could be added to that list? "crusty bread"? that would work! (it has to make sense, not just be something like "pillar box red", which wouldn't make any sense at all)


Dave said...

Right, said Fred.

I, Like The View said...

very good

(so, how sexy is your shirt then)(oh, that was so obvious I can't believe I fell for it)(blame the new meds)

Dave said...

Oh yes, I did buy a new shirt last week. I shall wear it tomorrow, when I go out for lunch with a friend.

Mel said...

k.... You lost me at

"'to bed to bed', said Sleepy Head
'tarry a while', said Slow. . ."

I know I'm gonna feel dumb. LOL But really...figuring it's some nursery rhyme? Maybe?


I, Like The View said...

yup (aks Himself, whydontcha!) appearing in full now Mel. . .

personally, I'm more of a to bed kinda gal when I'm tired. . .

Dave I won't inquire, will just wait to read about it (should you write about it)

Dave said...

I shall write about my shirt tomorrow, especially for you.

Rimshot said...

So glad you're feeling better.

I can't think of a single 'sense making' rhyme at the mo'.

I, Like The View said...

Dave you bring joy and happiness to my world. . .

. . .I hope you know that!


shot I am, muchly, thank you

nothing much makes sense to me at the moment either - hasn't done for a long time


Dave said...

I do my best.

katherine. said...

I learned this nursery rhyme as a child...and changed it just a little as a parent:

to bed to bed you sleepy head"

hmmmm...what rhymes with sleepy head..let me think...she said.

Mel said...

Wow....never heard of it--until this very minute.

Sleep head...

Darn well fed?
Good book read?
Fiery red?
There he led?
I thee wed?
Then she fled...
Katherine said.

Have I ever mentioned I suck at rhyming?
Yeah, well....I do........ :-P

Anonymous G said...

I'd say Mel is quite clever at rhyming!

filled with dread
i mounted the sled
down the hill i fled
i must be out of my head!!


Dave said...

Details of the shirt are now posted at my site, for your amusement.

I, Like The View said...

and a very nice shirt it is too, Dave

(altho not stripey)

G you both are!


Mel in the last couple of days I have read a book for the first time in a long time (I've read it before, but turns out I'd forgotten most of it) - so I'm going with good book read (not The Good Book, you understand)(I'll explain later)

katherine. "she said" is very you

I like that!

Dave your best is very good