dodgy "i"s. . .


katherine. said...

does the typeface have a name?

wonky keys perhaps?

Dave said...

Ah, typewriters.

How I would hate to have to go back to one.

KAZ said...

I agree - it's great.
Isn't it funny how - when we have something perfect - we always want to revert to the imperfect stuff.
Like faded denim rather than colourfast synthetic fibres.

Rimshot said...

I like it too. Plus, I like the work 'wonky'

I, Like The View said...

katherine when I was looking for typefaces the other night, I found this site and today went back and had some fun. . . only little bits of fun (the piece took eleven segments of cutting and pasting!). . . this one was called 1942 Report

Dave I just love fonts. . . but I agree with you about not wanting to revert back to a typewriter

KAZ I know what you mean - I like both, or having the choice. . .

I do find something wonderful about "old-fashioned", "vintage", "second hand"; possibly it's the fact I could choose that, as opposed to have to put up with it, do you know what I mean?

shot it's great, isn't it? and wonky. . . I knew you'd like wonky


I, Like The View said...

ok, Katherine that link didn't come out quite right - if you want to look further, go to the top of the page and click on "Top 50 Fonts"


mig said...

I had a really nice font called 'Ondine' which I acquired from a friend. Several computers and hard discs later I keep trying to get it back but now it actually costs money.

This one is great.

Mel said...


I was impressed with ALL of it.

Holy moly.
First I go visiting and find a sketch pad thingy and play on it for a good 30 minutes (ohhhhh...but I'll go BACK! LOL)

NOW I'm getting way cool lettery thingies to play with.

Darn good thing that budget is already done.
(for the moment......)

k....Gonna go play with lettery thingies now!