back to the kitchen window sill

the little man is out of the weatherhouse. . .

. . .which means more rain

but the kissing couple are still kissing


katherine. said...

very cute.

Rimshot said...

Does the little boy have a girl's bottom, or does the little girl have a boy's bottom?

I, Like The View said...

katherine. (is the full stop new, or have I only just noticed it?) I had a pair of these dolls when I was a girl - and then found them again a few years ago (not the original pair, but a new pair)

shot I think they are unisex

back in the day I used to wear my hair like that, but I'd bet my bottom dollar that you never wore a tam o'shanter!

I, Like The View said...

(or is it a beret?)

Anonymous said...


mig said...


katherine. said...


Mel said...

<-- still laughing at Mig's 'oh bother'

Oh boy--I must have a good dozen or so kissing salt/pepper shakers of the 'now antique' kind that once upon a time were my birth mothers'. They're in a box somewhere.... *sigh* What does one do with a dozen kissing salt/pepper shakers, anyway?

Answer THAT one! ;-)

Oh BOTHER about the rain. (yeah...I'm sad cuz that probably doesn't quite cut it, huh?....I'll keep trying!)
Sunshine and....23 whopping degrees, today!
At least it 'looked' warm?