there've been a lot of things on my mind this week

I won't bore you with the list, but a list there was and I have been trying to work my way thru the items, one by one - not necessarily in any order, despite my urgent/important grid

you remember that one, from all that personal development and management training the powers that were used to think so important back in the late 80s, early 90s? (perhaps they still do - but I don't know anymore) I can't work out how to do the four little boxes, but they were:


if you see what I mean. . .

so the missing filling that I need replacing in my cracked molar is important and getting more urgent, but sorting out the plumber to mend the drip that is now a leak is urgent even tho it's not really important, the electrics neither urgent nor important but they need doing at some stage

and so it goes on,
but I promised not to bore you with it all

there was something VERY important and VERY urgent that's been on the list for three weeks now - delayed for various reasons out of my control, so I just had to sit back and wait (and worry, as I do); delayed again because of the snow earlier this week and rearranged to this morning

well, it's sorted now;
resolved; satisfactorily,
for all concerned

and I'm almost elated; no, actually, I'm not elated, I'm just very very very very relieved. . .

perhaps I shouldn't/needn't have worried so much in the first place? what is the purpose of worrying? does it have an evolutionary benefit, above and beyond raising one's adrenalin levels to the/a fight or flight decision? I doubt it
I have/need to learn to worry less, I really do - all my worries about this specific issue came to nought; they didn't help me think thru the issues any more clearly than my initial response. . .
. . .my initial response, which provided my course of action this morning for dealing with this issue, was the right one: I should have trusted my judgement, perhaps
I should have trusted
I'm reading an excellent book on living with grief at the moment, it's not totally relevant to my situation and I probably should have read it 18 years ago (I so hate Valentine's Day and it's only a week away now) but it is helping me, hugely
putting a lot of things into
one thing that I hadn't appreciated was just how long things take for you/one (well, me) to get over - initially the whole thing is so huge you (me) can't comprehend it all, but gradually you (me) start to take it all in
a little like an elephant task - remember that one? how to you eat an elephant? in small bites. . .
poor elephant
and it reminds me of the "wave" from earlier this week - the one that threw me back onto that beach - how just when you think it's safe to go back in the water, something still manages to bite you (oh, I'm mixing up all my metaphors now) (but I don't care) (!)
and now, here I am again, dipping my toes in again, hoping to be able to let go again. . .
one thing sorted from the list, one thing ticked. . . one thing to be able to let go of. . .
one thing less to worry about!
I hope you have fewer things to worry about today
than you did yesterday. . .

even if it's only


Rimshot said...

Matthew 6:25-34

Luke 12:22-31

I, Like The View said...

Matt 6:34 "Each day has enough trouble of its own."

Luke 12:29 "Neither be ye of doubtful mind."

for sure, my mind is doubtful - such is the nature of depression, eh. . . and each day has troubles, yes. . .

but thank you for your kind thoughts tonight


katherine. said...

I have nothing to add.


Rimshot said...

You're not allowed to 'cherry pick' the verses out of context!

But regardless

({[({[({[ View ]})]})]})

fancy hugs

I, Like The View said...

katherine you are very much in my thoughts right now

I'd hug ya, but you'd *roll* your eyes at me

oh, who cares: ((((((((katherine))))))

I, Like The View said...

shot I'm allowed to do whatever I want. . . within reason. . . surely??????

thanks for the hug - they work both ways dontchaknow

I, Like The View said...

Mel (cos you're going to be here at some stage) I hope the end of your week brought some relief, an easing, a break from it all

I, Like The View said...

katherine again

did that come out right? I meant that I was going to hug you despite it looking smushy

and I'm still with you, on the beach*, and it matters to this one

(*and what a gorgeous beach you have!)

I, Like The View said...

oh look!! I'm talking to myself. . .


well, really I'm writing to you guys. . .

. . .thank you for being here

. . .really

thank you

I, Like The View said...

(oh, and Mel, I left the popcorn out for you!)

katherine. said...


honest to goodness just before I came over here I finished the popcorn.

be right back... I'll go make more...

katherine. said...

more popped! (balsamic on the side)

I need to learn to NOT roll my eyes....cause I do appreciate the hugs....

sometimes the beach is peaceful....but never ever turn your back on the ocean...

the waves can be terribly powerful..


katherine. said...

and because we are in this twilight time zone gig...I will put the coffee on as well...

happy Saturday!

Dave said...

I've been letting somthing get me down this week, but have now dealt with it, and actually felt a bit better for a few hours.

I, Like The View said...

i's a good feeling Dave isn't, even if only fleeting. . .

. . .something to build on

for me anyhow, and for you too I hope


Katherine coffee's on here too


Mel said...

Well, I WAS gonna pout cuz she ate all the popcorn--but she made more AND provided the balsamic it's all good.

AND there's fresh coffee!!!

AND there was a view of the ocean with a gorgeous sky.

*happy sigh*

Life is good!

Mel said...


((((((((((( katherine ))))))))))))


((((((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))))))

To heck with what looks smushy this morning!
I even might say that mid morning--and possibly in the afternoon, even!

Mel said...


And just for the record...

Cod with parsley buttery sauce--IS 'blech'.


Mel said...


And you're not alone in the 'borrowing troubles' deal.
Just so ya know.....

BUT! I'm better at turning it over after lots of practice.

There's probably a reason I'm getting to visit the 'turning it over' jazz, huh?


I, Like The View said...

yup, AFGO

one of those

it never ends, does it? just when you think it's safe to go back in the water. . .

dum da dum da dum da dum da

I think that's my lesson for today

(the realisation that it goes on, and I have to learn to deal with it)

thanking you kindly ma'am

oh, and for the hugs!

<---- goes off for more coffee



Mel said...

<-- is grateful to still be learning

How boring would it be elsewise!