it's Friday - have a Crunchie

find a chum. . .

and have a coffee. . .

with cream
(if you so choose). . .

if caffeine is not your thing
a hot chocolate

with cinnamon, perhaps?

anyone would think I'm covering
the letter C today
but I'm not!

(but I am coping. . . curiously)


katherine. said...

cute and creative

in the morning..I'll take the caffeine please.

but it is about midnight here...and I am going to sleep.

have a good day.

Dave said...

Find a chum. Ah. Therein lies the flaw in your suggestion for how I might spend my morning.

Malc said...

I'll have the Crunchie, but a chum will have to wait until tonight - unless you count pigs, dogs, horses and chickens.

I, Like The View said...

Malc - hey you have company!


Dave I think we're both in the same metaphorical boat. . . but I put the hot chocolate in for you


katherine it'll still be here in your morning


Rimshot said...


I, Like The View said...

I needed that this morning! thanks! how did you know. . .


Mel said...


Coffee, please.

With cream and sugar, thanks.

<-- will save popcorn for later, thanks!

(((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))

THANK G-d it's Friday.
It is Friday....right?
Gotta be--crunchie's are happenin'..

I, Like The View said...

yup, it's Friday


I'll just go and put another pot of coffee on

I don't think today would be a good day to be running out of it. . .

Mel said...

Lemme validate that today would be a very VERY bad day to run outta coffee.


I, Like The View said...

I'm on my third, erm actually fourth cup. . .


Mel said...

<-- on the end of the second pot

It's been a verrrryyyyy long week...

katherine. said...

yawning as well...

that last photo looks yummy....but I want some coffee please

I need the coffee.

mig said...

I'm on an all day coffee spree, I need LOTS as I need to be A Lert!
(And the crunchie idea goes down pretty well too :)

Curious coping sounds good. I hope you're having a good Friday
((((((((( I ))))))))))

Rimshot said...

The world needs more Lerts.

C'mon...big group hug:

((( ( ( (You All) ) ) )))

Mel said...



That's about the cinnamon on the hot chocolate--not about shot's suggestion for a group hug.

What am I borrowing troubles for?! I don't do hot chocolate--maybe once or twice a year.


(((((((((((( Shot )))))))))))

Mel said...


(((((((((((((( Lert Mig )))))))))))

I, Like The View said...