ok, so I'm always a little contrary on the 14th

that's you!
(yes, you you!)
(not the hot dude on the bed. . .)

if only I had photochop,
I'd make that last quote read
"this would make a great piece for I,LTV. . ."

I've decided never to let
heart rule mind
. . .ever. . .

(but I reserve the right to change my mind)
(should I meet the man of my dreams)
(or should he meet me, which is equally possible)
dear reader

that's it. . .
my somewhat reluctant concession to V♥lentine's Day

. . .

you naked yet then?

ha ha ha!
(I didn't expect you to show up naked)
(not you you) (him maybe, but not you)


Mel said...

<-- choked on her coffee

Yup. Just got back from dinner out and was enjoying a cuppa java, catchin' up from a day of scrambling and dancing as fast as I could at the work place.

*shaking head and laughing*

I should always consider you armed and dangerous! ;-)

Mel said...

And just for the record--I ain't so keen on the 14th of February either.....but himself has the menue planned. Steak with some fancy sauce, onion rings fried in corn meal and sauteed mushrooms in somethingorother.

*laughing* He looks so cute in his little apron thingy. :-D

Dave said...

Underneath my clothes I am completely naked, just as I was last time we met.

I, Like The View said...

Dave you've made me blush

Mel I was planning to cook a meal tonight. . . steak with a pepper sauce and some salad - might have to add some onion rings and grilled mushrooms now!

(sorry about the choking!)

Mel said...

Oh, silly woman--don't be.

<-- laughed out loud

Which meant himself checked on me and got to see the tide etchings.

HE thought they were way cool, too!


Rol said...

Naked? Me? Nobody's ready for THAT!

zIggI said...

just hanging around here to see if Vicus is gona turn up and then derobe! I can hardly wait . . .!

Mel said...

Thank you for the warning!


I, Like The View said...


sorry to disappoint you, but vicus checked in earlier today but didn't leave me a V-Day message


who need men tho, when I have friends like you?!


Rol I hope you're wearing some clothes then!

Mel well, if Himself's checked out my etchings I think we need to see his tunneling job! (been a long time since I've seen his trains)



Mel said...

Fair enough, I say!

'Cept I took a photo of the dinner he fixed.


OMGosh......I had onion rings for the first time in AGES!
They were wonderful!!!!



I'll get on that one!
Soon as it's light enough to photograph! :-)

katherine. said...

so...the brit is cooking dinner while naked under the apron thingie?

what was this post about?

katherine. said...

I avoid Valentines Day.

I, Like The View said...

I do too

ever since my father phoned me up one Valentine's Day and said "your mother died last night"

ho hum

I did have a good one once, when I received four Valentine cards during the morning of a 14th Feb, each sent from one of the four corners of the world (by the same person). . .

that kind of thing only happens once in a lifetime, eh

ah well

as for The Brit - I understand the boy did good!


mig said...

Fathers generally have no sense of occasion. Or discretion. Mine once remarked to me across a room crowded of relatives "you've got an enormous spot on your forehead!" Sadly, it was true :(

I regularly forget Valentine's day partly because there are birthdays either side of it.