Emily Dickinson

"I know nothing in the world

that has as much power as a word.
Sometimes I write one
and I look at it,
until it begins to shine."

(a word: LOVE)


Mel said...


Boy do I wish I had some of that creative genius.

Why do I have no problem imagining a word coming to life......
Key word is 'imagining'.
The actual doing--now that's a talent I think I envy.

Rimshot said...

I couldn't agree with Ms. D more (except for that shine part).


Mel said...

Oh.....I get to pick a word, thankyou!

Mel said...


<-- confessing

I'm a greedy monger and picked two.

Just sayin'....cuz if some is good--

Yeah yeah......you know how it goes.

mig said...

Now that must be something to do with being a genius. If I look at a word for long enough, it becomes a confusion of letters. A bit like the reverse effect of those dotty images that used to be popular where you had to look at them till they became a picture :)