dreams of a summer night

was an exhibition I went to in the 80s. . .
. . .an exhibition of Scandinavian art

Peterssen, Summer Night 1886
a very long time ago I lent my copy of the catalogue to someone who, it now transpires, won't return it to me - I'm not very good at conflict at the best of times, and right now isn't exactly the worst of times but I didn't feel like making a fuss. . .

. . .so I tracked down a copy of the catalogue by other means and am currently looking thru some wonderful art

Sohlberg, A Flowery Meadow in The North, 1905

Fjaestad, Winter Evening by a River, 1907

Sohlberg, Night Glow, 1893

Eugen, The Forest, 1892

Simberg, Wounded Angel, 1903


Mel said...

Don't make me pick.

I rather like the one of the river--cuz it feels very familiar.

It makes himself nutzo--but I have this "what's mine is yours and what's yours is yours" kinda way of doing things.
They're just 'things'.
Yup.....makes him nutzo. LOL

katherine. said...

hmmmm....I'm torn between summer night...and night glow...I love reflections in water...sigh.

ask if you can borrow the catalogue for a project...and then keep it.

mig said...

Ooh! Winter evening - That snowy curve is gorgeous!

My ex boss had a Finnish apprentice and he brought a print of Wounded Angel back from Finland one summer :) It's still hanging in the workshop.