"but we only left the house. . .

. . .to go to the dentist"
I guess a visit to the dentist is a little like ten pin bowling. . . all those little white shiny things
three children, three check-ups: one tiny filling and two "need" to go the orthodontist, such is the modern obsession with dental perfection; ho hum; but on the other hand, I'm now thinking of the Simpson's dentist and his Big Book of British Smiles:


one child had been out with some friends the night before and met us at the dentist, and afterwards a different one left from the dentist (located near The Village) to go visit a friend. . .

(this had involved putting the roof on the silver soft top down and loading a bike in the back so she could cycle on to the friend's and be mobile for the duration of her visit, but it is mild and not raining at the moment so that wasn't unachievable) (driving around with no roof, but a bike sticking out of the middle of the car)

the boys and I drove back to The Tower and parked the silver soft top and then set off on foot for the next part of half-term adventure

The Teen has decided he wants to become musical, so we stopped in at the local music shop and looked at guitars (he's not interested - all his friend play guitar and he wants to be different), drums (too noisey, boring middle aged mum protested - altho bands always need a good drummer so I will encourage him to take them up when he's not under the same roof as I), keyboards (won both the votes - mine and his - and we know someone who could give us lessons too) (I reached Grade 5 by the age of 13 and then gave up, but I reckon with a few lessons and a bit of practice I'd be able to play Scott Joplin again; he just needs to learn to read music, learn to sight read, learn to play with his left hand, learn to play with his right hand, learn to put the two together and play the right notes with each at the right time, and then will need to practise if he wants to be any good - but I'm not going to preach doom and gloom at this stage, if he wants to succeed he will)

the music playing on the radio in the shop was one of my favourite songs and I took the opportunity to point out to The Teen that the melody was based on the Pachelbel Canon in D Major (I only know that because in my youth I went out with a guy who played violin in the London Symphony Orchestra). . .

Teen Too wanted to buy The Blues Brothers but it was sold out, so he bought the full set of Black Books with his xmas voucher instead

I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that I do smoke and I don't like beards, but I don't drink, so I'm not Bernard. . .

it was at this point that Teen Too started moaning about "going shopping" (I pointed out that, so far, he was the only one who'd actually bought anything)

then we went to the local vintage shop. . . The Teen wants one of those Captain Jack/Torchwood/Doctor Who (yes, it's an anagram) (but not a palindrome) (a man a plan a canal Panama is a palindrome) great coats, and I thought we'd find one there

we didn't, but Teen Too managed to find a pin stripe suit jacket that was dead cheap and fitted him as if it had been personally tailored. . . so he purchased his first item of vintage clothing and wore it thenceforth

next we stopped off at the local second hand bookshop which sells a selection of second hand and antiquarian books - finally The Teen managed to make a purchase of his own (Edgar Allan Poe) and I spotted the most beautiful set of Ian Fleming paperbacks. . .

I was so excited! if I had the money I'd buy the first edition hardbacks in the original dust jackets, but I don't - however a set of cheap second hand Pan paperbacks with cool cover illustrations is enough to bring a smile to my face

(I didn't get the whole set,
but five of the ones I eventually bought
are shown above)

what was really odd was that a very good looking man who had entered the shop shortly after the boys and I did, went up to the guy behind the desk and asked if he had any James Bond books just a couple of seconds after I had taken them off the shelf and was flicking thru to check the prices - I mean, what are the chances of that happening? shop full of books (take a while to think about how many books have ever been published) one person comes across something by total chance that someone else is specifically looking for - within seconds of each other

weird, eh!

on the way home, in his new jacket and carrying his box set of Black Books, Teen Too pointed out yet again that we only left the house to go to the dentist. . .

. . .and that's the lovely thing about half-term, isn't it!

I hope you are having a nice day today

afterthought: what a lot of Bs!
bowling, Big Book of British Smiles, bicycle, Blues Brothers, Black Books, Bernard, Bond. . . but the best of all: bonding with my boys (-:


Rimshot said...

How fun! I should read the Ian Fleming books (But I don't speak Flemish, will that be a problem?). When I was a wee lad, I read a series called: Mack Bolan The Executioner. It was about the quintessential loner vigilante who'd lost his family to organized crime and evil-doers and sets about fighting them to get his revenge.

katherine. said...

it sounds like a lovely day....teens being teens and all.

it is weird the other customer was looking for James Bond...I wonder if he saw you with them perhaps?

I, Like The View said...

that was the best bit Katherine just kind of hanging out with my boys


apparently the other customer had already been in before and actually requested some Bond books - but the ones I picked up were on a shelf for general sale and hadn't been reserved for him. . . I did feel a twinge of guilt, but the owner assured me it was fine (still kinda weird tho)

Shot I read the whole series the summer I was 14

Mel said...

Awwwwww...a day out with the kiddos!

How cool was that?!

(Reminds me that it's time for girl's day out with the girl...must text her to make arrangements!!!)

Is this where I admit that I've read zilch of Ian Fleming?


I ain't confessing that to himself and you can't make me. LOL

Oh.....but what a lovely day. :-)

mig said...

It's lovely to read about such a great day.
Those children are lucky that their Mum is prepared to hang out with them. (And to buy vintage suits! Wow, I bet he looks like something else in it)

I, Like The View said...

. . .and there was I thinking that it was myself who was lucky that they wanted to hang out with me!!

he looks great - really long and lean and lanky. . . keep thinking I should prop him up against a lamp post and take a photo and send it into a modelling agency. . . but he wants to be a scientist

(I think I'd rather he were a scientist than a model, anyway; but as long as he ends up doing something that he finds stimulating or that makes him happy, I'll be content)

I, Like The View said...

oh, and mel I don't think it matters that you've never read Fleming! but I hope you like the book covers!