borrowing a good idea. . . the letter V

. .
envie is such a gorgeous word. . . it means desire. . .)

it was a huge relief yesterday, to listen to enjoyable music without lyrics getting in the way
I'm not so much into lyrics right now. . . probably a first

but, I still have rag tunes going around in my brain - so while I hum around in the background, let's dally a little towards the end of the alphabet. . . and think not about lyrics, or words even, but just a single letter. . .







(a lake in Norway)
(I've swum in it -
think about that if you ever drink the water!)


Van Gogh
(Irises, shot, irises)


a VW van
talking of which, Van the Man?


Dave said...

Very good.

I, Like The View said...


Mel said...


VERY good!

I was thinking of v words and wondered if shoveling the lawn makes flowers appear faster.


How's that for an indication that more coffee is needed. LOL

Mel said...


*tap tap tap*

Whaddabout vapor trails and the view....

Just sayin'....


Mel said...

Vapor trails!

Speaking of which--I saw some Sunday and thought of you.

Think they showed up in the photos?

<-- gonna go look! :-)

I, Like The View said...

have now included some vapour trails and a view (my favourite)


happy Wednesday, ma'am

Vicus Scurra said...

Any other V's?
Please think long and hard.

Anonymous said...

I think Vicus is a little vexed.

Rimshot said...

"(Irises, shot, irises)"


I, Like The View said...

Shot your education in all things floral starts here


dinahmow I'll sort him out


Vicus if I said that thinking long and hard always ended up with me thinking of you, I'd be lying

nice to have you back on board tho!


I, Like The View said...

dear Vicus

I hope that this restores my virtue and that you visit again soon

love ILTV

katherine. said...

once I drank your swimming water.


I won't be able to ever again.

I, Like The View said...

I have a bottle of it in the fridge - mainly cos I like the shape of the bottle


I've never been able to bring myself to drink it. . .


. . .can totally recommend the lake for swimming and the town of Voss is quite beautiful too


mig said...

Ah but the village is beautiful. So are all the other iomages of course.

I, Like The View said...

I really enjoyed the day I saw that Village