argh!! I forgot a few. . .


"Another One Bites the Dust" – John Deacon, 1980 (The Game)
"Bicycle Race" – Freddie Mercury, 1978 (Jazz)
"Bohemian Rhapsody" – Mercury, 1975 (A Night at the Opera)
"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" – Mercury, 1979 (The Game, 1980)
"Don't Stop Me Now" – Mercury, 1978 (Jazz)
"Fat Bottomed Girls" – May, 1978 (Jazz)
"Flash" (aka "Flash's Theme") – May, 1980 (Flash Gordon)
"Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy" – Mercury, 1976 (A Day at the Races)
"I Want It All" – Queen (May), 1989 (The Miracle)
"I Want to Break Free" – Deacon, 1984 (The Works)
"Killer Queen" – Mercury, 1974 (Sheer Heart Attack)
"Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon" – Mercury, 1975 (A Night at the Opera)
"No-One But You (Only the Good Die Young)" – May, 1997 (Queen Rocks)
"Radio Ga Ga" – Taylor, 1984 (The Works)
"Somebody to Love" – Mercury, 1976 (A Day at the Races)
"Stone Cold Crazy" – Queen, 1974 (Sheer Heart Attack)
"Under Pressure" – Queen/David Bowie, 1981 (Hot Space, 1982)
"Was It All Worth It" – Queen, 1989 (The Miracle)
"We Are the Champions" – Mercury, 1977 (News of the World)
"We Will Rock You" – May, 1977 (News of the World)
"Who Wants to Live Forever" – May, 1986 (A Kind of Magic)
"You're My Best Friend" – Deacon, 1975 (A Night at the Opera)


Rimshot said...

YAY! Very YAY!

Any reason for the selected songs?

Mel said...


VERY good!
Now--I'm goin' for quilt and quiet and nite nite. :-P

I, Like The View said...

I hope you got it Mel


shot they were the ones I could sing along to when I looked down the Queen track listings


katherine. said...


(rolling my eyes)