1. What was the first car you drove (legally)? what do you mean "legally"!!! I don't do illegal. . . *exasperated sigh*; my brother's Mini; the second was an E-Type Jag (you didn't ask, but I had to brag!) 2. How many colours has your hair been? one. . .

3. Have you ever been fired? out of a cannon, yes; from a job, no (I have resigned three times, tho; and I was made redundant whilst on maternity leave when I was pregnant with The Teen)

4. What do you sing in the shower? I don't (I bathe) (in a bath)

5. If you could be any celebrity, who would you be? I wouldn't, I don't "do" celebrity; Meg Ryan can play me in the movie of my life (see 8. below), but she'll need to wear brown contacts. . .

6. Who was your favourite teacher and why? I have two. . . an English teacher (who used to give me A+s for my literature essays), and a chemistry teacher (because he wrote music to my lyrics and gave me a tape with this on it)
7. If you had a nickname, what is it, if not, what would you like it to be? I don't; pass

8. What would the title to the movie about your life be? "Only Time Will Tell" or "My Wasted Heart" (I'll get back to you on that one in a few years from now - I've recently been thinking that I've got a little more living to do now, before I kick the bucket)

9. If we say we are here to help others, then what are others here for? are others here! crikey - I thought I was all alone (retreats rapidly to comb hair and put on some lippie)

10. Who was your first crush? someone who I felt passionate about? David Soul in Starsky and Hutch, closely followed by a youngish Richard Gere and a very young Ryan O'Neil, Christophe Lambert, Jacqueline Bisset. . . I currently have a crush on Niles Crane, as you may know

(but he'd need to wax first)

11. Do you believe in karma? please define karma - is it sky blue pink? I'd like that!

12. What are the best and worst inventions, in your opinion? coffee machines and coffee machines that don't work. . . no, seriously - some kind of medical equipment probably, that can be transported by the Red Cross or Medecins Sans Frontiers and used to help people who have no access to hospitals

13. What is the worst physical injury youʼve ever had? (does a broken heart count?) I've never really been injured, (altho now I come to think about it, XCH once dropped a piece of wardrobe on me from out of an attic and I put my hand up to shield my head and the piece of wardrobe broke my wedding ring finger - I had to have the wedding ring sawn off in A&E, but fortunately not my finger) but I did have a terrible infection (in my foot) a few years ago, which ended up with an emergency admission to A&E in the middle of the night where I was put on a heart monitor and then had intravenous penicillin pumped thru my veins for ten days until every vein had collapsed and the doctors couldn't get it into me anymore. . . they said it was the worst case of the infection in a foot they had ever seen and I was lucky not to have had the foot amputated

14. Who is your favourite Batman? I have a favourite Batman? *scratches head* oh! actually, I do! that guy who played Beetlejuice in Tim Burton's film of the same name

15. What is your very earliest memory? my father serving me a plate of cold peas for dinner, that I had not managed to eat at lunchtime

16. Is there any animal/creature that creeps you out? maggots

"what's worse than finding a maggot in your apple? finding half a maggot in your apple!"

17. Which is the place that youʼve never been that you'd most like to visit? anywhere with a beautiful beach where I can go shell collecting and then take the shells home without feeling guilty about it

18. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? someone from Swallows and Amazons. . .
. . .failing that, an artist

now I've thought a little bit longer about this (the above was sort of spontaneous), I realise that I have also always liked the idea of living by the water, creating art, growing my own food, swapping a glut with someone else's - not so much a childhood dream, but one that came to me after five years of working in The City and putting up with all sorts of office politics bollocks and early mornings and late nights and long hours and and and and then two years living in Shropshire growing vegetables and learning how to card fleece and spin and dye my own yarn (can't remember if I ever shared this with you?). . . I love the work of Richard Long and Andy Goldsworthy, so perhaps I could combine those types of artist "being", with the gardening and self-sufficiency skills of Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall, and a small (but warm) shack with a view of the sea and easy access to a beach: I'll be a crofter! (Malc is currently guffawing in the background)


Dave said...

I might do this one at the weekend.

You really must tell us more about the cannon. Did you land on your head?

And if you don't think you've got a nick-name, you should hear what vicus calls you. ;-)

Rimshot said...


karma: seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation.

Does 'View' count as a nickname?

I wasn't aware that 'pass' was an option. You'll have to revise your answer if you want full marks.

Then what do you sing whilst bathing?

I, Like The View said...

Dave!! I don't think I've EVER seen you do a winky face (not here, anyhow)

I'm not going to ask, at best I'd blush and at worse I'd blub and he doesn't like it when I cry

Shot what do you mean "marks"?

have found an image of me showering. . .

Rimshot said...

odd, if the only color your hair has ever been is blonde, then that water must be VERY reactive with your shampoo. ;-P

Malc said...

View is definitely a nickname. So there.

Back with the Orkney Q&A later.

Mel said...

ohmygosh.....Dave did a smiley winkey face.....


That was a rather enjoyable read, thanks......well.....until I got to the maggots.
THEN it got a bit squirmy....no pun intended.....

k....my turn for the smiley winkey face...


I hope you're sleeping well, dreaming wondrous dreams.


I, Like The View said...


I think I probably was asleep at that time! hope you slept well too Mel


Malc I think it might have to be View then. . . it's a good set of questions, eh - brought to our attention by the rather wonderful Shot (he comes from Chicago - if I'd ever been there, I might know if that explained anything)

I'm looking forward to the Orkney 18 now!

(and, thinking about it I might have to ammend one of my answers)

Shot don't quibble - have you ever seen a blonde in a shower? the water saturation plays havoc with the way the hair absorbs light. . . blonde hair goes dark while it's wet, don't you know

Mel said...


Well, as long as it involves a warm shack by the sea--sounds right to me!

zIggI said...

Your father sounds like he needs a slap!

I, Like The View said...

ZigZ I do recollect, as a child, that I did think/feel/know that he needed far more than that

(he still does, but I don't spend much time in his company now. . .)

Mel yup, that would do me fine - a warm shack by the sea (with an internet connection too!)

Anonymous said...

Beetlejuice was Batman? Sigh, I had no idea.

That was excellent...and you did all the questions...first time!

oh and we have some nice beaches here....??