I'm exhausted
I never realised how tiring it would be, having someone in to do all the odd jobs! well, we got half way down the list - pretty good going really. . .
I'm quite inspired to keep going, to be perfectly honest, such is my sense of satisfaction with this morning's achievements - if only I had the equipment; due to various other expenditures this month, I can't quite afford to go to the ironmonger's and kit myself out properly in the tool-box department

which is a shame really. . . but there you go! and while we're there: ironmonger's - an interesting word if ever I saw one!

the weird thing about the word monger. . .

to monger: verb
(third-person singular simple present mongers,
present participle mongering, simple past and past participle mongered)
to sell or peddle something

a monger (plural mongers): noun
a dealer in a specific commodity, normally used in combination

. . .is that if it refers to a person it's either someone useful - a fishmonger or an ironmonger - or someone undesirable - a gloommonger or a warmonger

there's no inbetween; I mean, I've never heard of a joymonger or a happinessmonger, have you? I think I have found a flaw in the English language and might have to invent a new word to fill the gap! altho, having said that, it could just be proof of how undereducated I am and in fact such words do exist

but all this has made me think of one of my favourite books, which is about a quest to find the perfect love token. . .

The Merchant of Marvels and the Peddler of Dreams
by Frederic Clement

. . .some of the suggestions are the pea from The Princess and the Pea, a troop of elephants as small as specks of sand, and Mona Lisa's beauty spot. . .

here's another one:

and another:

I remember once being given a bunch of wild white roses, freshly cut: some of the flowers were in bud, some open and some slightly fading - they shed petals all over the ground. . .

they were quite beautiful

and all of this is distracting me from my DIY



Donn Coppens said...

Someday I would love to be referred to as a Joymonger.
I fear however that Hodge-Podgerist is going to stick.

Gordie said...

"Joe, he was a young cordwangler,
Monging greebles he did go,
And he loved a bogler's daughter
By the name of Chiswick Flo."

(Rambling Syd Rumpo, Round the Horne)

Rimshot said...


Mel said...

Ohhhhhhh.......a made up word!!!!

<-- waiting happily

Can't tell ya how often I assure himself 'is TOO a word!!!!'.
He assures me if it ain't in the Oxford Dictionary--it ain't a word.

He has no respect for Webster, whatsoever.....for whatever reason and I don't particularly care the reason!
So pfffttttttttt on him!!!!

<-- now going to research the book thingy.

Though I must say I'm feeling proud for ya about all that got accomplished in the DYI department.

Mel said...

k....and I'll admit that when I read Gordie's comment, I read:

"And he loved a blogger's daughter
By the name of Chiswick Flo."

Is 'blogger' in the Oxford Dictionary by any chance?


katherine. said...

nice sense of accomplishment!!!


I, Like The View said...

oooh! I like *fillintheblank*monger!!

covers a whole host of new words - all of them, in fact

mig said...

Mmm. That's a nice idea :)