these are the lyrics to a song I really like

oh, what a day!
I can't describe it all went astray
so I decided to get away
somewhere nicer

just me and you
we'll go together take in the view
why it looks much better
oh my god, it's true!
it's brighter later. . .

in my darkest nights
I just remember lying by your side
oh my god, you're right!
it's brighter later. . .



Mel said...

Okay.....this is VERY cool! about a catchy, upbeat little tune.
VERY cool, ma'am.....very!

I, Like The View said...

it's a lovely tune, but boy was it hard to track down. . .

other people are obviously trying - I've already had a google search click for it!

the Beep-Beep song all over again. . .


Mel said...


How nice of you to put it on the side for easy access!
And how lucky for me that you did the search. :-D

Oh....maybe one of 'em will remain! :-)
THAT'D be fun!

I, Like The View said...



Dave said...


I, Like The View said...

good morning Dave

Mel said...


<-- definitely needs more coffee