well, you haven't - it's just that my laptop has decided to stop working. . .


and it's taken me all evening to get some time on the children's computer (aren't they lovely and generous, children. . .)


and then I had to try and remember all my passwords, which of course my laptop remembers for me and I've actually forgotten. . .


and now I'm finally here, it's almost bedtime. . .

grimaces is an odd looking word, isn't it?

to be perfectly honest, the last thing I need right now was for something else to break - the three smashings aside (they are but minor breakages compared to the whole caboodle), a piece of guttering fell of a part of the roof last week in a storm (the part of the roof that was already leaking), the shower is also leaking (it had been dripping for ages, but in the last few days the drip has turned into a constant dribble), the loo doesn't flush properly (it hasn't for ages, but recently it's been especially cantankerous), two bulbs blew in a really awkward-to-get-to light fitting (all the light fittings here are awkward-to-get-to - and are a really really stupid design of light fitting for such a dark house), I forgot to rinse the brush I was using for the decorating I was doing the other day and now it's a solid mass of paint (and it was my last brush too), I don't have the correct rawl plugs for the drilling jobs I need to complete (yes, I've learnt to use the drill - but what's the point, if I don't have the right rawl plugs), I received a debt-collector's letter regarding a supposed unpaid bill from the rented house (the bill is for after I had actually moved out and my lease was up, but now I have to prove that to them or they'll send the bailiffs round) (round here!) (how do they know I'm here?) (that can't be fair, can it?) and my mobile is on the blink


sometimes these things just all come at once, don't they?


katherine. said...

when it rains it pours....
and then the sun comes out.

hope you can fix the laptop....I blew two last year within a couple weeks of one another. very annoying.

I am guessing you will become quite the little fix-it-chick when it comes to projects of the hearth and home....smile.

mig said...

Oh dear. I hate having to share computers. And I can never remember my passwords on someone else's.
And blinking mobiles are just bad.
I'm just hugely impressed that you know your plugs are the wrong rawl!

But I think Katherine's right - my met office forecast says sunny in London tomorrow.

Mel said...

No way.

NO way!
*shaking head*

Nope.....no way....

<-- tried to comment this morning and lost the whole laptop......went nite nite without my permission and didn't wanna wake up.
I'm hoping it's simply the power cord.

(g'head and laugh......I am)
Ha ha ha....it could be so simple?
Well, it could be--but, like you I'm dealing in multiples....including the broken French Press (oh that one hurt!).


Mel said...

<-- gratefully has another laptop and a desktop


So really--I shouldn't complain,huh?

k......but I LIKE this laptop BETTER.


Rimshot said...

But look at how wonderfully your dealing! Onward and upward!

((( ( ( ( ILTV ) ) ) )))

katherine. said...

seriously...if both of you are having the same computer issues, I'm gonna run a virus check.

I, Like The View said...

my security thingy is pretty good at virusy type stuff, I hope it's not that - my problem seems to be some internal connection that thinks I should not be able to connect wirelessly as it can't detect the wireless thingy

but as soon as I plugged in the ethernet cable, hey presto, everything was fine again


I find it all too complex, and of course XCH used to handle that side of things - along with rawl plugs and drills and leaky places


tha's what I'm having trouble geting my head around - the not having someone else to help/share/sort out the problems. . .


however *pulls self together*, I'm liking the thought of the Fix-It Chick. . .


Mel said...

Nope, no virusy thingie.

<-- doesn't like virusy thingies (of the laptop OR human type)