it's all in the ether

what is ether anyhow?
despite searching the internet for an explanation, I don't think it's the Orion Nebula, is it. . .

"Ether is a class of organic compounds which contain an ether group — an oxygen atom connected to two (substituted) alkyl or aryl groups — of general formula R–O–R'. A typical example is the solvent and anesthetic diethyl ether, commonly referred to simply as 'ether' (ethoxyethane, CH3-CH2-O-CH2-CH3)."

and that wasn't quite was I was looking for either. . . (either, not ether)

this came up, which is interesting (altho because of the way my mind works, I'm actually focussing on the lichen on the stone wall in the foreground of the photo) but there are other things to be found in gardens which are more beautiful, IMHO. . .

a ribbon of silver water running down a hill. . .

a sun dial which floats in a hollowed-out sphere
from which water flows. . .

I can't work this one out
but it would make a wonderful etching. . .

a panel of flowing water. . .

another panel -
I bet it looks incredible lit up at night. . .

a curious place to place an obelisk
but look at the fascinating reflections. . .

anyhow, where were we? oh yes, ether
- as you can probably tell, I'm hooked up again! not wirelessly, but thru an ethernet cable (I nicked it from the boys' xBox - but if you keep schtum, so will I) which I believe connects me directly to the internet (well, not me - my laptop) (which for the moment seems to be behaving itself)

and the other items on my list of despair? I was lying in bed last night thinking that at least I have a roof (leaky or not), shower (ditto), light fittings, a drill, etc etc

and it all might seem a little overwhelming, I might slightly overwhelmed, but at least I am able to write a list and prioritise and plan to get every single thing sorted, one by one (not two by two, we did Noah's Ark the other day)
and everything will happen in the fullness of time

I just have to be patient, and wait
and that's a little like life in general, isn't it. . . no matter how much goes wrong all at once, you can't necessarily fix it all or have it settle down instantly - things take time, don't they
so this morning I'm just glad that I have an ethernet cable and managed to get my laptop to accept its advances and be here for this moment of my day, and yours
and I'm glad that you are here
for this moment of your day
and mine. . .


Mel said...


Holy moly--people really put those panels in their gardens, huh?
Betcha the birdies have an interesting go of it trying to bathe in those things.
(the birdies like my rock bowl in the garden--no matter how much I try to make them not like it)

And aren't you just the clever Fix-It Chick!
<-- had no clue XBox had an ethernet card

I could do with the attitude adjustment about the coffee press. *sigh*

zIggI said...

morning - send coffee!!

Rimshot said...

"...and managed to get my laptop to accept its advances..."

That is priceless. I simply LURVE how your mind works.

katherine. said...

had to look that one up

I have been legally single for a very long time...and rather adamantly independent as well. I have read up on home fixing things and tried to do many of them myself. (there are even "how-to" videos online)

"the girl" moved into an apartment in The City a few weeks ago and texted (text?) me to ask how to fix a curtain rod which was coming out of the stucco wall...

there was just a little tiny bit of satisfaction that she called mommy for this advice.

(we had quite the hilarious conversation about her needing to obtain a "stud-finder" I must say)

take your time...each time you cross an item off of your will feel a sense of accomplishment.

(I personally don't do plumbing things....leaky faucets - yes...nothing else)

I, Like The View said...

thank you Katherine - there is a long list, and I'm looking forward to the sense of satisfaction (I'd forgotten about that! thanks for the reminder)

I think I have rawl plugs for that kind of wall! (rather than the sort I actually have) hope "the girl"'s settling in alright - bet you got a sense of vicarius accomplishment, as well as satisfaction


Shot I'm glad you do, because I don't a lot of the time


ZigZ sorry - too late for coffee. . . will try and get some to you tomorrow


Mel the boys play xBox online with their friends. . . the modern equivalent of, erm, whatever it was I used to do when I was their age. . .

birds do love a bath, eh

hope you got the coffee sorted - my machine is on it's last legs (like everythihng else around here seems to be!) but it's hanging in there. . .

. . .just




wow - that feels good! I might have to "borrow" that one from you as well!


Anonymous said...

some days I just have the most fun cruising the sidebar...

Rimshot said...

re: sidebar...haven't had a new poll in a while.

Mel said...



Yaknow....I told a kiddo this evening that she'd be doing extra study time for her marks in school--and yaknow what she said?!



Every single one of the staff in the room looked at me with one of "THOSE" looks.

Hey! She definitely coulda said worse........geeze.....LOL

I, Like The View said...

so RAWR is probably good in the circumstances! I have a child here who could be doing with some extra study time - wish rawr was what I got when I pointed it out. . .



shot I was thinking that the other day!

hey lady I don't do that so much these days. . . perhaps I should