It's so important to make someone happy

Make just one someone happy
Make just one heart to heart you, you sing to
One smile that cheers you
One face that lights when it nears you
One girl you're everything to

Fame, if you win it,
Comes and goes in a minute
Where's the real stuff in life, to cling to?
Love is the answer
Someone to love is the answer
Once you've found her,
Build your world around her
Make someone happy
Make just one someone happy
And you will be happy too
but I can't find him on the tube, so
here's PERRY singing it


Mel said...

*snapping fingers and humming*


Dave said...

I'm still waiting for someone to make me happy.

Rimshot said...

Perry does an admirable job.

Dave: that's more than a little bit sad.

Homo Escapeons said...

Tru dat!
Now I can finally stop hummming What's it 'ol about Al-fie!

I, Like The View said...

donnnnnnnnnnn but what is it all about?

Shot I like the timbre of Jimmy's voice better for this song

the tube let me down

Dave oh

Mel it's such a lovely tune!

katherine. said...

jimmy sings this on the "You've Got Mail" soundtrack...I think.