forgiveness, truth, reconciliation

there's been a lot of it in the news lately

different continents, same story

people trying to come to some sort of understanding about the troubles that have affected their lives: perpetrators telling truths; victims, unable to seek justice, unwilling to receive compensation, having to look deep into themselves to offer forgiveness when in fact they want to be on the receiving end of something other than hurt; all wanting to reconcile their disturbed pasts with an uncomfortable present in the hope of a peaceful peacefilled future
difficult times if you're not able to "let go", if you're not able to "move one", if you're not able to walk just the one road and keep on walking step by step. . .

. . .instead of dithering at the choice offered by the other road, the path less travelled so to speak

we all have our paths not taken, don't we; we've all made our choices and we are where we are because of it - not that we necessarily knew where we were going to end up, when we'd get there, where it is we're supposed to be going (cos it don't end, this journey)
time heals a lot of things, distance others; somethings don't heal - but you learn to live with them anyhow
truth, reconciliation, forgiveness
sometimes I wonder if I'm big enough, other times I realise how small a deal some of this stuff is anyhow
as my mind wanders, I wonder how many words you could make out of the letters r, e, cc, oo, nn, iii, l, t. . . you can't get cocoon - not enough os. . . you could make lentil if you spelt reconcilliation incorectly. . . however, if you pool those letters with those in forgiveness, you can make love
peace it what's needed really tho
and there are no ps to be seen
we'll just have to take that as a given, peace; that we have it, if we need it, I mean


Mel said...


Perhaps if we added 'patience' to the equation.

Yaknow, I'm gonna haffta soak on this one a bit.
Maybe in the bathtub with bubbles and duckies that change colours....

Mel said...


It's so wonderfully said......

Mel said...

Oh yeah.
Duckies that change colour!

<-- going!!

Sorrow said...

Not sure who Frazier or Niles are..
but I know who forgiveness is
and i have slept with Peace a time or two.
Patience is such a tease, she make s me want to whore myself,
and truth that illusive bastard still owes me 10$
If I ever connect with reconciliation again, perhaps my path will be less bumpy.
but who knows
it could all be an illusion
who am I to say?
and Love?
I sent some your way..
maybe it will bring you a moment with Joy.
( she's a real sweet one!)

Rimshot said...

I'm struggling to learn how to forgive endlessly.

Which is not to say that I'm endlessly struggling, but trying to endlessly forgive.

It only seems fair.

Homo Escapeons said...

Learning to co-exist with the takers is a real pain in the ass.

You know, personal accountability, once properly indentured and ensconced in the behavior of the general public would change the world overnight.

I am so tired of the imbalance between the victims and the perps...who view themselves as hapless victims.

Forgiveness hmm perhaps, amnesty..not-so-much.
Here endeth today's sermon on the miracle of situational ethics.

I, Like The View said...

I've been a perp in my time Donnnnnnnnnnn

but, personable accountability is the way to go. . .

via truth and forgiveness

as for reconcilliation - it's a huge universal balance

Shot it is endlesss. . .

Sorrow the Crane boys (it's a family thing)

forgiveness, peace, patience, reconciliation, love. . .

much joy arrives whenever we receive some, eh? thank you for yours

Mel that's all sounding very good from here. . .


and yes yes yes to patience, please and thank you


Mel said...

I'll share my piece of patience with ya.....not that it's a whole lot--but you're welcome to a piece of it!

I, Like The View said...

thanking you kindly, ma'am

I just figure that if I'm patient enough, eventually I'll be a place where there won't be things that I need to be patient with/about. . .

. . .does it work like that?

I sure hope so

I, Like The View said...

oh, and it is worth a whole lot, ya know?

you sharing anything with <--- is worth more than a whole lot