ha ha ha - but funny or perculiar, I'm not quite

sure; so I'm a bit of a nerd right?

I do like statistics - all sorts - any sort - even the nonsensical sort. . .

I don't like lurkers ("I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!” just about sums it up) (altho, being a lady, obviously I don't fart) however how they come to me is always of enough fascination for me to invest a small amount of my quality time investigating (sad, but true - this is my life people)

I had a new lurker today. . . (well not new, but they arrived here differently than before) so I clicked on their link on my statcounter which took me to how they had arrived and this is what I found (well, only part of it - I wouldn't want to bore you with the rest of it) (seriously, I wouldn't) (but there's going to be a funny image at the bottom of this piece of writing so it's worth hanging in there for a while longer)

Anchor text pointing to this site:
  1. *happy sigh*: it's Friday
  2. . . .to the other
  3. a different tune
  4. a gem of a song
  5. a long, long time ago
  6. a musical box
  7. a secret worth sharing
  8. a while ago
  9. any resemblance to an individual living or dead is purely coincidental
  10. apparently, I am best described by:
  11. beautiful music, dangerous rhythm
  12. beautiful rhythm
  13. come on Tuesday, I feel better
  14. crazy - take your pick
  15. do you think she ever worried about. . .
  16. doctor, doctor!
  17. does a tea-spoon of sugar help the medicine go down?
  18. every day I am here I thank *insert deity of your choice* that I don't like the taste of alcohol
  19. feed the birds
  20. for FF who used to feed the birds (but only the ordinary pigeons)
  21. for zigz
  22. from "no room at the inn" to "a room with a...
  23. from one extreme. . .
  24. from Rapunzel to Old Mother Hubbard in one day *sigh*
  25. here is a box, a musical box

the (very helpful, you must agree with me) site then presented this little message:

"There are too many items to display in this summary; click here to view all 70 anchor text items."

who on earth would want to do that?
anyway, here's the amusing image:



katherine. said...

is the work *GASP* amusing?

I have a lurker I am curious about....but I don't think my site counter application is as cool as yours...

I, Like The View said...

well, I thought it was. . .

I use statcounter - it's pretty basic, but does show how people got to you in the first place. . .

katherine. said...

"gasp" is fun to say...


I, Like The View said...

and see, it looks really strange too


I was thinking about 4 letter words today (FOUR, WORD for example) and now I can add GASP to the list! (LIST)(*sigh*)(SIGH)(!)

it provided me with a good GOOD half HALF hour HOUR of entertainment*, when I should have been doing something more constructive!


Mel said...

Well then.....a good half hour is a good half hour!


<-- doesn't know the first thing about how to even detect a lurker!

Maybe that's a good thing, huh?

Wow the places they went!

zIggI said...

where are the cakes???


Dave said...

I've never bothered to check on my lurkers, but discovered the other day (when there was a discussion at z's about BMCC) that quite a few people now about my blog, but have never commented there - mind you I was aware that I get 60+ visitors a day, but only about 20 comments, so knew there must be some visiting but keeping their heads down.

At least gasp isn't a rude four-letter word.

I, Like The View said...

here sweetie (click on the witchy one's "this"!)

Mel I so wish that thay'd had better things to do with their time!

I, Like The View said...

Dave! there are lots of four letter words that aren't rude

DAVE, FOUR and RUDE being three of them

Dave said...

Rude is rude, by definition.

katherine. said...

dave makes a good point...

I, Like The View said...


there's another one

I, Like The View said...

actually, since I'm compiling a list, here are some others I can see from where I sit:


(there are more, but I'll stop now)


katherine. said...

not to mention...




katherine. said...

right now it is


and I need to get


see ya tomorrow....

I, Like The View said...


bye? night? sleep? dreams? I know!



(just the one mind)