so I can't show you the image,

but I can take you to its source. . .

this is for mel and this is for shot and this is for the witchy one and this is for anyone whose slipped on ice recently and this is for anyone whose been skiing and this is for anyone who'd like a bit of winter sun and this is for anyone with a sense of humour failure and this is for anyone who likes pizza. . .
and this is the one I wanted to show you originally


katherine. said...

yes...they are truly delectable...

thanks for the fun.

I, Like The View said...

I thought of you in Cancun when I found the holiday on ice!


Mel said... how cool is that?!

They look like those bitty peoples himself has for the train stuff. Way cool!

Betcha I could snag a couple of wee people and make my own!

IF, I don't mind bodily harm, of course......LOL

zIggI said...

oh yes buns with bikes - love it!

now where's the coffee?

actually time is moving on and I don't want to be late ;] much, so better run - catch you later when I'm "working"!

I, Like The View said...

ZigZ you'll have to click on Mel's "this" for the coffee. . .

hope you get to work safely!

Mel I think they are. . . I found some similar ones ages ago in an art shop and bought them for The Teen (he likes this hobby thing where you buy little people and glue them together and paint them)(but his are soldiers) and told him he could point the little people and get them to do funny things, but he wasn't inspired

I bought this book for Tenn Too - it went in his stocking (I was inspired, don't know about him!)

katherine. said...

you're gulliver's sister aren't you?