borrowing a good idea. . . the letter B

"ten green bottles hanging on a wall. . ."

ok, now, brace yourself. . .
you've been warned!

"ten bare bottoms hanging. . ."

no no NO!!
that's enough cheekiness. . .

*slaps hand*

(cheeky, geddit. . .) (ENOUGH!)

bottles of balsamic

cute bottoms
(these look perfectly acceptable now, don't they)

bubbles in mineral water
(from a lake called Voss in Norway)

now, I decided we needed more* bubbles
(*on the basis that if some is good
more is better)
but first, we'll need a bath:

I'd love a bath like that!
now for the bubbles:

*lies back and relaxes*

blue moon
as sung by ELLA

Burton's Big Fish. . .

Brucie. . .
especially for The Brit!

now, back to the serious stuff


(thinking about what Ms Mel said about this)

but. . .
if I do - fail - I can always try again
the next time, another time, right?
and there's nothing wrong with a good laugh,
or a smile at least, is there?

and for Ms Mel:

(the best kind of cuddly toys!)


Mel said...

Well done!!

Maybe you can do the alphabet of things that make you happy! Would that be cool or what?!


I'm smiling cuz you mentioning Big Fish made me think about Love Actually which was an absolutely wonderful film
Himself liked it muchly, believe it or not! :-)

Mel said...

AND you had photos---

Aren't you just a clever one!

Rimshot said...

As long as you continue trying, there is no such thing as 'fail' simply haven't succeeded yet!

Rimshot said...

...just saying.

Rimshot said...


katherine. said...

balsamic vinegar makes me

am so glad our friend enjoyed the movie...

Dave said...

Hi ho.

I, Like The View said...

morning Dave - there are silver linings out there somewhere, aren't there

ho hum

Katherine that's a very good b to smile about

and yes, how gladening that our friend thought that (and The Brit!)

Shot "yet". . . thanks

Mel one of the things I did to pass the time when I was living in The Tower was draw large b/w outline pictures of trees with an A-Z of words and little pictures for leaves and branches - I also did some with branches that were emotions and then the leaves on each branch were lots of associated words. . .

will have to look them out and colour them in


I used to make alphabet books (from scrapbooks) when the children were little - with pictures from wrapping paper and magazines to illustrate the words they needed to learn

so glad you watched the film and that you liked it


Mel said...

Geeze you are a wealth of talent and creativity.

<-- struggles to draw a stick person :-D

zIggI said...

did I miss 'A'?

I, Like The View said...

ZigZ I don't think I'm doing it in alphabetical order. . . (but, thanks to you, I now have some even cuter bottoms - must add them in!)

Mel if only it made me wealthy, I'd have one less worry. . . but it makes me rich in other ways

more important ones


and, hey, I've seen the pavement chalkings and the holiday pins - you might not be able to do stick people, but you are very creative in many many other ways!


Mel said...

OKAY then......

*choking on coffee*

Which Ace's idea to put ten .... rearenduses.... up there for coffee choking purposes, was it?


k....Let's blame the stripper by night....

Mel said...

And I learned about Brucie (not real kindly memories about that fella, apparently.....LOL)

He's wanting to know what show Stuart Hall made famous, what song was made about that show--and who sang it.

Good grief....This is suddenly like a game show in and of itself now. LOL
I'd like a cuddly toy, please? ;-)

I, Like The View said...

I think Stuart Hall was the presenter of an English version of a French international game show called Jeux Sans Frontiers (Games Without Frontiers). . .

the English version of which was

*scratches head*

<---- goes off to google it

It's A Knockout

can't imagine why I'd forgotten that. . .

the song of course was sung by that bald guy from Genesis. . .

I never really liked Brucie altho he's redeemed himself now he's a pensioner presenting ball room dancing audience participation game shows (there's a bit of choking and spluttering going on this end now)

and as for cuddly toys, I had a panda - but we;ll add Brucie and bears to the fun, shall we. . .


(and it was the witchy one who sent me the bare bottoms!)

Mel said...


Is SHE a stripper by night, by chance?


Absolutely LOVED the added bubbles, bath and bubble bath! (yup.....gonna get me one of them later.....)

I can see how himself found Brucie....interesting (not his word, trust me)....but MOST of all (cuz I have a soft spot for ones who talk to me) the bears.


You made my evening. Honest!

Himself made my afternoon--he made me a shoe rack for the closet. How cool was that? :-)

And you, m'dear were absolutely correct on the Stuart thing.
And I--have been very educated lots!

Mel said...

Omgosh.....and now dinner is going to be an educational experience.....


I'm on 'learning' overload!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bruce #!&**?ing Forsyth "didn't he do well!"
Now, I wouldn't want your readers to think I'm obsessed with nudity, but I must point out a small error. There are 12, not 10 bare bums. I counted. Just to make sure. Not because I'm obsessed. Of course.(Rather surprised Vicus has not, in his kindly fashion, apprised you of this smal [but perfectly formed!] error.
Boronia makes me happy.

katherine. said...

it was the DAY...remember?
student by day!

besides...she said it was the witchy one...not the bitchy I am completely off the hook!

the pictures keep getting better and better....

Mel said...

ROFL at katherine!

And youse guys--Quit making me scroll past the butts.....

:-P Pffffffffffttttt!