it's so quiet when the children are gone, a sort of

vacuum of time and in space is created

where it feels like the insides of one's brain are being sucked out to fill the external void (a bit like blogging, eh)

perhaps I should assemble the little stereo* and put on some music? (*in a bid to kick start the economy XCH recently bought me a replacement CD** player and two mini speakers, as he took his with him 18 months ago) (**if only I still had my vinyl)

but to achieve that I'd have to move all the boxes of board games and the shelf of children's books (the really beautiful hard backed ones) out of the way; of course the children don't play the board games anymore and they have moved on in their reading habits, so they'd miss neither

but I haven't the energy to relocate these items to somewhere else in the house, and there is no spare storage anyhow; maybe I should just make a random pile somewhere of the old "grown-out-of" stuff, in order to make space for the new to-be-grown-into-stuff

or perhaps I'll just light the fire and curl up in front of it really close to the grate with a good book

remember I said the tunes were deserting me?

well I had the radio on the other day and listened to a random selection of music (why do DJs rarely tell you the name of the song and the band which is singing it?) and scribbled down some lyrics and googled them (to find out what the song that I liked was) and really quite liked one of the songs and then on the news last night I discovered that the song has been at the top of the charts all year and the band are becoming really famous and were even interviewed during the news (excruciatingly badly, I have to say) and I thought that was really odd - that the one song I remembered was really really popular. . .

. . .and, strangely, just writing that has brought a tune to my head! now, should I choose one or the other, or offer up both?


Mel said...


There's even a question of what to do?

*shaking head*

'Member--if SOME is good......


Sorrow said...

More is better!
hey, at least your listening to the music..Can't remember the last time I tuned into anything other than the IPOD>...

tony said...

I Miss My Old Record Player .I miss my LPs.........! But Im kinda caught in the middle as i dont do iPods yet.....Bummer ! Im neither Modern OR "retro"!!!

I, Like The View said...

tony I had a brilliant one that was my mother's before me, probably made in the 50s, one of those "stacker" systems - only the stacker clip had broken, but the needle bit didn't know that, so it just kept playing over and over and over again

used to drive the people on my corridor at uni mad, the same record over and over and over again

(or perhaps it was my musical tatse they didn't like)

sorrow more is better

depending on what the more, of course

Mel some was good

katherine. said...

it is fun reading all the comments...the post too...but I like how everyone weighs in...