I'm keping my fingers crossed that there's a little hope somewhere at the bottom of that. . .

mind you, yesterday was only the second worst Christmas Day in five years so it can't be all bad, can it

can it?

seriously, if it can you better tell me -
I think I deserve to know

on a lighter note: four good things happened yesterday - Mini-Teen's endless cuddles and enthusiasm; Teen Too not developing flu (altho he's still on the sofa coughing his lungs up but by bit); a text from my one friend in Blighty; and a very special present with my name on it under the tree. . . full of wonderful things (-:

I must be hard to please

(I was going to add lovely food on the table, but the oven broke half way thru cooking the lunch so we stuck to toast rather than risking salmonella; and, if I add a roof over our head, I just know that the damp patch in the bedroom ceiling will start dripping and I don't want to tempt fate)

thank goodness for Crunchies


Rimshot said...

oh no! No turkey with all the trimmings? And after you spent all that time rearranging the fridge!


I, Like The View said...

I cried



(good thing my Small People like fried sausages)

Rimshot said...

Oh my goodness, YOU.

I'm so terribly sorry that your plans went sideways, but you'll have a great story to tell in the years to come (bright side?)

Can one tempt fate? I mean, if it was fate anyway...

I, Like The View said...

I'm dreading the years to come

I'm trying to be positive, have been for a long time

if it's not fate The Big Guy really does work in very mysterious ways

I mean, I know I've made some pretty serious mistakes and upset (and worse) people


oh, actually, this is just making things worse

scarlet-blue said...

Oh tell me about it... I'm always making things worse!
Hope you get to eat today.

KAZ said...

Those sausages sound delicious - bet the kids loved them.
I burnt the parsnips.

Rimshot said...

yeah, so what's on today's menu? (besides crunchies and apples)

zIggI said...

(XX) - fried sausages on toast? Sounds FAB!

I had a new mixer, it blew up after 2 minutes :)

Vicus Scurra said...

Sorry to hear all of this. You had been looking forward to it hadn't you?
I think it is perhaps a little vain of you to blame God. He is a vindictive bastard, who thrives on schadenfreude, but I suspect that he would find more deserving cases than yours to piss all over.
Cheer yourself up by leaving savage comments on the blogs of others. You can't go wrong with Boris.
I hope today has been better, and that tomorrow will be perfect.

I, Like The View said...

no, I hadn't - I'd been dreading it; still it could have been worse - could have been worse than last year! thanks for the hope vicus xxx

(and that is exactly what I find confusing about TBG: how one individual might be too minor a deserving cause for his attention, and yet large groups of deserving causes - eg the starving millions and the victims of wordly catastrophes - also seem to miss out)(not mine to reason why, perhaps)(you know I can't say a bad word about Boris, so don't tease me)

zIgZ today it was porridge and chocolate cake - yum! (not for me tho, I'm doing Boxing Day in style with chutney and cheese and roasted chestnuts and silverskin onions and gherkins)

sorry to hear about your mixer

shot porridge for the sick one; chocolate cake for the one with a slightly more robust immune system; chutney, cheese, chestnuts, silverskin onions and gherkins for me

KAZ I love burnt parsnips!

scarlet-blue I did - thanks

(and yes, this is the second version of this comment)

Mel said...

Yesterday the girl laughed and told himself about our 'eating in shifts that one year'--mashed potatoes and veggies followed by pie followed by turkey..... I seem to recall being reduced to tears over that one when it happened, myself. NOT a fun moment in time--but really, not at all painful yesterday though I'm fairly sure I did blush a bit.

Hope's in there--and it won't always feel like this, truly. You'll get to do what some of us have gotten to do--start your own traditions and rewrite how holidays will be done.
Frankly, I wanted to leave pie eating before the turkey eating but I was ruled out by the kiddos...LOL
Whoda thunk that woulda been the case?!

Easy does it, dearheart. Of course this one was a tough one. It'll get different. And you'll help make it that way, yaknow? Inches and seconds.....you're getting there, really!

Oh, and we had cold turkey with smashed taters (he called 'em creamy potatoes) and he tried to pawn those yellow veggie pickled thingies on me. *shaking head* UH uh!! PASS!!!!!

<-- is personally glad the kiddos aren't doing the flu and hopes for Teen Too to recuperate very soon! (with lungs in tact!)

Mel said...


Himself bought chestnuts and is gonna make 'em edible for me!


How fun will THAT be?!

You do realize that when he runs to the grocery store it takes the man near an hour (it's two city blocks from our house) cuz all the women folk and him are chattering away....LOL
Silly Brit.

I, Like The View said...

hope he does the chestnuts just right. . . I like them raw, cooked, roasted and pureed (anyway as long as they're not done the French way - sweet, as a filling for chocolate YUK!)

I always pass on the pickalilli too, chutney is my thang (no gluten in chutney!)

I can imagine the ladies lovin' his British accent. . .


and yes, inches and seconds

taking it very, very slowly and not going anywhere fast

became very aware yesterday that the only thing stressing me out was me

I've got to be able to get a hold on the panic attacks - once I manage that maybe I'll be able to move onto feet and minutes

thanks for your kind thoughts

and I'm SO GLAD that The Girl made it to you - hope you all had a happy one

thank you again


Anonymous said...

I hate ovens! Much prefer covens. (That's out of a silly poem I wrote in the Iron Age)
The only chestnuts around here are my jokes and a small can of the water
variety. But I close my eyes and think of the little man, on the Corner of Bayswater Rd, with his brazier and...oh, bugger! Now I want roast chestnuts!

PS Isn't Vicus sweet inside that curmudgeonly shell!

katherine. said...

still catching up...wish I had been around last week to wish you well!

I agree the oven conking out will be a funny story in the future.

if Christmas was better this year than last...then next year will be better yet...