Mel said...


Yaknow, I imagine it sometimes feels like that for some folks--standing in your underwear, shouting out your more private thoughts to others.

But honestly--there's nothing that gets put up on the weblog that doesn't get put out there.
I think it's the disciplines I have in my life.

Kinda like that 10th step journal that sits on the night stand that, at any given time, himself or ANYone can open and have a look.
Cuz truly--if I'm practicing 'honesty' in my life, why would I mind if it was cracked up and someone had a read?
Heck--I've invited others to open it so I am accountable to the principle.

k....I've rambled on. And ON. AND ON.

(((((((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))

I, Like The View said...


thank you, very much

katherine. said...

hmmm...I'm not QUITE as open as Miz Mel.

I, Like The View said...

we are all unique. . . so much the same and so much different. . . all human beings, doings and thinkings. . .