I have a minor dilemma
only a very small, very self-indulgent one
I don't like the tree. . .
. . .it's too small
. . .it's the wrong shape
. . .its needles are dropping already
it's going to bug me now


getting it in perspective,
there's A LOT that I'm NOT happy about at the moment. . .
I wonder how I should deal with it all
but I can't HATE the tree for the next three weeks, can I?


Donn Coppens said...

Pour some sugar in the base and spray it with tons of fake snow or better yet have it laminated so that it won't drop needles for the next three weeks!

I gave up on REAL trees decades ago because I believed that a fake tree better reflected the artifice of the season.

Humbuggery eh?

Sorrow said...

I'm sure you can loathe a tree for 3 weeks.
maybe a double dose of charlie brown xmass and a better look at whats really pissing you off??
and i am trying to hold onto the peace perspective, but I threw out my back
so that dwarf could be me to...

Mel said...

Yup, I'll agree with Sorrow.

I could easily grumble about a tree for three weeks.
<-- expert grumbler

On the other hand--I could just as easily string popcorn and move the tree outside for the birdies to have their holiday on.....AND get a different tree for double the pleasure.

And who said you had to deal with it all NOW?
Thought WWW/TTT talked about how NOTHING has to happen today--leave the stuff in the boxes and just do what's in front of ya.
Maybe that's some of the 'stuff' that needs to stay in the box, too?

So.....about stringing popcorn....OH....and cranberries, too!
Did ya know birdies eat cranberries?!

Mel said...

And just so ya know--pass on the sugar water and go straight for the 7-Up.


I, Like The View said...


katherine. said...

sorry I missed this...I had some great advice....