You are enough, just as you are.

This moment is enough, just as it is.


Mig said...

I think that would be a nice thing to find on a clip- board :)

Rimshot said...

2 Corinthians 12:9

Mel said...



Gordie said...

Sounds about right.

Donn Coppens said...

I believe it was Captain and Tenille who sang Do that to me one more time, once is never enough.

Maybe there was a lot more to the buggy eyed Captain and his silly little chapeau than we suspected eh?

Of course Muskrat Love inevitably comes to mind and all of my misplaced goodwill in his prowess immediately begins to swirl down the drain.

KAZ said...

Sorry - but some moments are more enough than others.

Mel said...

"if that's all there is my friend, then let's keep dancing--let's bring out the booze and have a that all, there is?"

Gosh, how I could relate to those words once upon a time.

Still, I'm one who can buy into the 'MORE' syndrome--and I know ya know this.

Simple, wondrous things can get left in the dust of 'MORE' in my life.
Greedy, I am. *sigh*

I remember awakening to the realization that, really--I AM enough, as is. THIS is enough, as is.
There was this huge piece of peace that came. Relief--off some huge hook that I'd put myself on.

Really--it was really cool to discover there IS no hook.
AS is....

((((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))

I, Like The View said...