feeling festive on a Friday

anyone want my recipe for
and for Ms Mel, with no gluten,
a little fun


mig said...

Friday??? I thought it was still Thursday! Happy Friday and yes please.

Rimshot said...

It's Friday somewhere, eh? I'll have a go...the baking I typically do is to open package, place on cookie sheet and bake for 12 minutes at the prescribed temp.

Mel said...



And I'll have you know that MOON SAND is gluten free! Woooooohooooo!!!!!

So WHAT if play-dough isn't.
I have MOON SAND!!!

AND I have bubbles and sidewalk chalks AND--dangit, where's that nerf-ball gun?!


Omgosh....it's snowing to beat the band.
Mr. Snowman-in-a-bucket!

<--is horribly excited for near midnight on a Thursday
(k.....mighta had too much coffee..LOL)

(((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))

You're too cool. :-)

Dave said...

In a week's time it will be Boxing Day!! Huzzah!!!

Will we have cold turkey sandwiches next week?

I, Like The View said...

would you like me to cook a ham as well, Dave? I actually watched the tv last night and saw Nigella rustle up some festive treats

didn't look that tricky, "I could manage that" I thought after years of thinking it was really complicated and sticking to what I know

given that there's only going to be three of us for Christmas lunch (The Teen will be elsewhere) this year I almost chose duck, but the children wanted their traditional lunch so I managed to find a very small turkey

so I'll be serving up said turkey and all the trimmings (I'm the only one who eats the trimmings - that'll be a slightly wasted effort)(and there will be lots of everything left over for sandwiches, I suspect)

they also want me to do Christmas cake, pudding and mince pies (even tho neither of them eat any of those - and neither do I) and M-T wants me to light brandy and pour it over the pud so it flames . . .

I, Like The View said...

so yes, there will be

and altho I haven't made my own seasonal chutney this year I do have some silverskin onions, gherkins and assorted pickles

I, Like The View said...

will you be around next Friday to have left-overs then? when are you going to tell us where you're going!

I, Like The View said...

I'm not cool, dear Mel, not really - just easily inspired!

shot my children far prefer shop bought cakes and biscuits, even the cookie dough bake at home variety, to my own

and I'm a fair cook

it's always been very disappointing

they don't even like the icing!

has never stopped me baking tho!

I, Like The View said...

Mig I will go and get my mother's cookery notebook and write a piece obout Pepakaka then!


Dave said...

I'm going to Australia to play cricket - and so are you. Carol's lent you her bat.

I, Like The View said...

my cricket whites have been washed at an un-environmentally friendly temperature and are almost sparkling with brightness, the team jumper has been knitted, I've brushed up on my Aborigine art (just in case anyone wants to learn something when we're down there), have been genning up on Men At Work lyrics. . .

have I forgotten anything?

Mel said...

Oh, I'm not particularly fond of sweets or frosting or cookies anyway.
But I want the bowl when it's done. Cuz it's too fun from fingers!

And I wanna play with the gingerbreadmens and make 'em walk and skip and talk!
And, of course, I wanna find out their names before someone bites their heads off.
So I can make the offending party feel guilty.


Did that one year and himself told me he'd never eat another gingerbread man.....LOL

Gawwwddddd...he's sooooooooo neurotic....LOL

Mel said...


Six inches and STILL counting!!!

That makes for a foot of snow on the ground already!


<-- now going to make angels!!

mig said...

Ooh! Pepakaka sounds such fun. even more than gingerbread :)