words words everywhere, but not a drop to

drink; I'm just having fun over at wordle.net

(before I go out and buy more milk/coffee/tea) (the only thing is, I can't figure out how to get the image bigger here in my place)(all help gratefully received!)


Rimshot said...

check your mail, luv. I've sent you larger jpgs to do with what you will.

I, like the view said...

shot thank you

and, far from me to be picky and difficult - but that's the second time you've written "luv" and I just have to say. . .

I can't stand it!



YIKES!! I hope I haven't upset you

*hangs head in confusion but emits a huge sigh of relief at being honest*

Mel said...

Well, I do hope you've gotten all the required things for a decent cuppa coffee!

And when I clicked on the pictures--voile'!


Musta worked!

(BTW..I think you said what was true for you and that's a good thing!)

(As much time as we spend in that clue-less corner that now has a jacquzzi.....I'm thinkin' it's a very GOOD thing you said what was true for you cuz mind reading is NOT our forte'.)


(((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))))

Mel said...

Oh--and I just wantcha to know.....tried it AGAIN.....and no go.


NOW ya see how I earned clue-less time. LOL


I'll just enjoy YOUR pretties!

katherine. said...

that was fun to play with.....but I could only get a little tiny square to show up on my weblog....

increase the size of the .jpg file? hmmmm....not sure I know how to do that....

but it was really really fun to play with....

Mel said...


Happy Sunday morning to you, ma'am!

I, like the view said...

mel good morning!

katherine yeah me to, I don't know what or how the wonderful shot did, but he managed to transform the little images I originally displayed into decent sized ones you see now. . .

mel it didn't work for me initially, and I had to download "java" whatever that is. . .

the bottom image is all the words on the screen here (you can see the influence of the Robbie song!)

the middle one is without the songs but with the side bar

the top one is no songs, no sidebar test

they remind me of the cloud tag thingy I used to have, a very long time ago, on the original I,LTV


Mel said...

Nope. Still don't have it functional over here.

That's okay.

I know where to find 'em here.
And I DO like the view.

I, like the view said...