breakfast time

well, I missed breakfast,
so more of a mid-morning snack I guess

I always eat Liquorice Allsorts in the same way

(I always eat Kit-Kats and Snickers bars in the same way, but I'll save that for some other time)

first I eat the jellies. . . then the totally liquorice ones. . . then the ones with the white stuff in the middle but a layer of liquorice on the outside. . . then the ones with the coconut stuff on the outside and the roll of liquorice in the middle. . . then the pink layer ones, and I'm always left with the orange layer ones and the brown layer ones. . . I throw the brown ones away (cos I don't like them) and dismember the orange layer ones to eat the liquorice and discard the orange bit
I should just buy some liquorice and some jellies really, and be done with the rest - but there you go. . .
in recent years Basset's have produced allsorts with a new sweetie - a little Basset's man made out of all liquorice, but I view him with suspicion as he wasn't around in my childhood and it's one marketing step too far if you ask me

of course, I do have some Love Hearts - but they aren't really breakfast material, are they

I hope your day
got off to a good start!


katherine. said...

I eat certain things in a certain manner.

habit...or obcessive...?

I dunno.

doesn't makes them taste better.


I, like the view said...

I have just finished the whole packet*. . . think it's time to go to bed now. . .

(*liquorice allsorts contain cornflower and starch, but no gluten it seems)

katherine. said...

oh GOOD....liquorice is safe

although liquor is

and popcorn...all corn actually...but specifically popcorn made with a variety of oils is safe....WHEW!

Sleep Well my friend.

I, like the view said...

you too, when it's your time

I, like the view said...

(and salt and butter on the popcorn too!)

Mel said...

THANKyouG-d for sparing me the trauma of losing popcorn too!


YES, I'm pitching a fit over all this.
No denying that one.
But Allsorts--are good to go. And apparently good for breakfast/brunch!

<--will try that at another time!
(bit late for brunch now!)

And yep, I'll confess to being strangely obsessive about how and when and in what order 'things' get ate.
<--won't mention that stuff must NOT touch...unless, of course, it's MEANT to touch.......

k.......and NOW you know why I'm tantrumming. LOL

Oh, but I can have popcorn!!!
Well, I can at SOME point. *sigh*

Mig said...

I'm breakfasting on mince pie and coffee. Highly unsuitable and I ought not to. But they were sitting there looking at me - what could I do?