so I look for something. . .

. . .and I can't find it
but I found this instead. . .

Ta mo chleamhnas deanta o athru areir
S'ni mo na go dtaithnioonn an bhean liom fein
Ach fagfaidh me i mo dhiaidh i'gus imeoidh me liom fein
Ar fud na gcoillte craobhach.

My match it was made here last night
To a
girl I neither love nor like
But I'll take my own advice
And leave her behind
And go roaming the wild woods all over.

Shiuil mise thoir agus shiuil mise thiar.
Shiuil mise Corcaigh 'gus sraide
Bh'l'ath Cliath
Ach samhail de mo chailin deas ni fhaca mise riamh.
'Si an bhean dubh a dhfhag mo chroi craite.

I walked up and I walked down.
I walked
Cork, and Dublin, and Belfast towns,
But no equal to my
true love could I find.
She's the wee lass that's left my heart broken.

D'eirigh me ar maidin
dha uair roimh an la
'gus fuair me litir o mo mhile ghra
Chuala me an smoilin 's an londubh a ra
Gur ealiagh mo ghra thar saile.

I got up two hours before day
And I got a letter from my true love.
I heard the blackbird and linnet say
my love had crossed the ocean.



Mel said...

Oh my.....Dunno what she's singing about, but it's beautiful.

Yup. And now I'll go have a listen to Kate Rusby.

I, Like The View said...


Oisin Lunny said...

Just beautiful - kills me...