well, I bit all my nails off, had an argument with XCH, left in tears, cried all the way back here; fell asleep sobbing, fully clothed and with the lights on, woke at four in the morning hot and bothered and have been awake ever since; I've run out of milk and coffee beans

there used to be an advert for a political party (which one, I don't know) with a little ditty that went "things can only get better" and there was a g*dawful song in my youth "the only way is up". . .

. . .so, there is a bright side after all

ho hum


Anonymous G said...


Hugs are good.

Glad you can ho hum away the unpleasantness of the argument and sleeplessness.

A bump in the road.

You need to get some fresh beans. And a fresh new day.

I hope your day is bright.

(and after the lovely conversations you just had. what a shame!)

Brighter days ahead.....

Rimshot said...

Sometimes sleeping with the lights on is just what's needed.

sometimes I'm itchy.

Mel said...


Well, I'm glad for the beans and the milk and the moving forward into a new day.

......but rawrrr.....

I, like the view said...

do you know, mel I was really quite angry with him. . .

shot I don't like itchy

g yup, it was a shame - but there you go; thanks for the hugs! just what I needed!

Mig said...

Pooh! There's sideways, across, diagonal, and out of this world. There are so many ways to go and all surprising and unexpected (and many of them bright).
Rawrr all the same.

(I'm reading backwards so I know you got coffee and milk and set off on a new journey but hugs all the same)