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a window in Cologne Cathedral
Gerhard Richter
"Blood-spurting martyrs, biblical parables, ascendant doves — most church windows feature the same preachy images that have awed parishioners for centuries. But a new stained-glass window in Germany's Cologne Cathedral, to be completed in August, evokes technology and science, not religion and the divine. Contemporary German artist Gerhard Richter designed the 65-foot-tall work to replace the original, destroyed by bombs in World War II. As a starting point, he used his own 1974 painting 4096 Colors. To create that piece — a 64-by-64 grid of squares — Richter devised a mathematical formula to systematically mix permutations of the three primary colors and gray. Funny coincidence: 4,096 is also the number of "Web-smart" colors that display consistently on older computer screens, a limitation some Web designers still take into account. (Today's monitors, of course, can handle pretty much any hue.) The Cologne window is made of 11,500 four-inch " pixels" cut from original antique glass in a total of 72 colors. Why not 4,096? Turns out there are stained glass-smart colors, too. Some hues in Richter's initial design were either historically inaccurate or too pale — they would have outshone the squares around them. So the artist modified his palette to include only colors with a suitably archaic cast. Because it's fine for a church window to look like it's been designed by a computer, as long as it's a computer with a gothic sensibility."


Mel said...

HOLY moly.......

Isn't that more than gorgeous!

Rimshot said...

Hey! That's in my home town! :-)

I, like the view said...

shot I'm so glad I can do something for you in return, that brings a smile to your face

mel more than, huh!

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Sweetness, your friendship "does things" for me every day. What more could I possibly want and not be a selfish, greedy sod?

Mig said...

Wow! Pixel magic :) I knew I'd find something wonderful here. (And I have to say that the computer's gothic sensibility is a very good thing :)

katherine. said...


I love glass

I need to know more about this guy.