no, not trick or treat time yet
(altho Mini-Teen has purchased her outfit, she's going as a pink kitten - apparently in the "chick flick" movies she watches with her friends all teenage girls do Halloween in kitten outfits. . .) (interestingly she also wants to make a Guy and leave him outside the house with a "penny for the guy" bucket. . .)

yesterday was a bit of a turbulent day at the house - nothing to do with me, for a change, altho a minor set of words with The Teen were exchanged - and using the word "bit" is a slight understatement

I have to hold my own tho (where does that phrase come from?*) and keep doing what I'm good at - being an efficient housewife, a patient mother, erm, *thinks*

*thinks some more*

yup, that's it actually. . .
possibly that's just as well. . .
. . .for the moment

I hope you are able to do
what you are good at today

have a happy one!


all I can find is this, the former is what I initially thought and the latter ties in nicely with the sonics from The Tower:

"this phrase may be from sailing ships where a weak or inadequate person would not be allowed to hold a rope unassisted - perhaps it may even come from bell-ringing where an experienced ringer holds the rope with someone not yet competent at holding their own rope - to avoid damaging the bell and avoid the inexperienced ringer being hoisted into the air: a ringer who had received approval at being safe would 'hold their own' rope"


Dave said...

I suspect it's actually rude.

I, like the view said...


or should I say what!


oh. . .

honestly dave, you are such a boy


Gordie said...

I've never known where it comes from. The dictionary says 1300's.

Mel said...

I'd ask himself--but he's sleepin'.

I'll go for the bell ringers explanation, though it's probably nautical. Seems a whole lot of 'em are. kitty?!
k....We'll work on her.....

But I'm likin' the penny and the guy idea!!

Teenagers are interesting creatures, huh?
(now THERE'S an understatement if ever I've made one!) ;-)

Mig said...

I like both explanations. (you have bells in the tower?)

I'm starting at the wrong end - have to go back a while and find out what you've been doing :)

Rimshot said...

What if I'm not good at ANYTHING!??! *sniffle*

katherine. said...

thank GOD teenagers grow up !!

holding my owm?