I have a glass!

I've always been most intrigued by the moment when the tide is on the turn - either full and about to empty, or empty and about to fill

I was thinking about these moments this morning as I sat with my tea watching the river, upon which was a sole swan swimming seawards. . .

how does the swan find its friends again? is this solitary bird all alone, or is it one of the group of five I see on the banks sometimes? I never see it - or its friends - flying off or arriving, I only see it mooching about below me

perhaps I should spend longer chunks of time watching

but my days seem so full at the moment - going backwards and forwards to the house (I'm forever unpacking as yet unpacked boxes, painting unpainted walls, doing the laundry, welcoming the children home after their busy days. . .); I'm exhausted - but then you know this, because I keep telling you. . .

my thoughts about the tide reminded me of the words of my WWW who used to observe that I was very black and white, and perhaps living in the grey might be easier for me sometimes

well, different. . .

. . .and talking of black and white,
and grey:

.is your glass half-empty, or half-full?

who cares! I have a glass!
I hope your glass is
approaching full
. . .so you can empty it. . .
and that you have
a wonderful day


Mel said...

You have a glass!!!! :-)

k....I'm doing a happy dance on the couch (which is where I've planted myself this fine, albeit dark, morning).....cuz you HAVE a glass!!

I'm certain I have a glass...somewhere....
At this very moment, I have a CUP! A whitecup with Mickey on it with balloons and confetti and a magic castle....with coffee....
......and goobers.

Go figure!

((((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))

Mel said...

Oh, and it's now empty.

Ah, but that's the glory of a whitecup--I get to empty it.
And fill it back up.
And empty it.
And MAKE more whitecup goobers.

Oh, you know me....if you can't change the circumstances (and you KNOW I've tried...silly goobery things!) adjust the perspective and make some fun!

I, like the view said...

I've had about four mugs of coffee already this morning. . .

. . .don't know if that's a good thing or not!

I drink my coffee out of the most beautiful mug I possess, from a potter whose bits and pieces I've collected or been given for a while

it's the most lovely shape, very comfortable to hold, perfect for a strong expresso coffee topped with hot milk (how I make/drink my coffee), half glazed in cream, half raw reddish ceramic, with an embossed fish on the raw half and some lovely swirls inside on the glazed part. . . I have an egg cup, with a pig embossed on it and a small plate with more swirls. . .

hey! I have a mug as well as a glass!


you are so right about what to do if you can't change the circumstances

I just need to have the strength to work on my perspective

I love it when we cross over in the morning like this!

I hope you have a good day, ms mel, a good one

ziggi said...

I like a glass full of something with bubbles :)

I, like the view said...

pink champagne is my favourite for a special occasion

and I quite like Radox too (but only in the bath)


KAZ said...

When the cygnets are grown the male swan bullies them off the pond/river.
They have to fly off alone into the world and take their chance.

Very cruel.... but it seems to guarantee survival of the species.

Dave said...

Having just finished my breakfast, my glass (of milk) is now empty. I suppose I'll have to wash it now.

Good morning.

Mig said...

My cup of tea is half empty. I can fill it up again in a minute.
I love the idea of the turning tide - all the water stopping for a moment and then changing direction. Though it must be hiding all kinds of turbulence beneath.

katherine. said...

this truly made me smile.

as you may know....I collect paperweights and have a fondness for glass.

my kids make fun of me...and when someone asks about a glass being half full or empty....they say I dump out the half to look at the bottom to see what kind of glass it is....

Malc said...

The great Terry Pratchett said there were three kinds of people: those with a glass half-empty, those with a glass half-full and those whose glass is half-empty, but start banging their fists on the bar demanding to know who stole their beer. The last are the most successful in life.

I, like the view said...

oh malc, how I love Terry P

the poor man - let's hope he manages to squeeze as much anjoyment out of his life as he can before his brain totally clogs up, eh