a treat for Friday. . .

my favourite chocolates to serve at dinner parties:


and I just found some
in the cupboard -
so, go ahead
be daring. . .
choose a sin!

or else the usual
from the side bar
and kiwis and
bacon butties, too

and how about a
knickerbocker glory. . .
, ..
or even a banana split
just for the fun of it?!

and why am
I now singing
"da na naa,
da da na naaaa,
da na naaaaaaaaaa,
da da da naaaaaaaa"


Rimshot said...

I choose PRIDE, because I'm proud to call you my friend.

Which Banana Split would you be? I wasn't aware they had that show on your side of the pond.

katherine. said...

someone was recently telling me about bacon covered chocolate and I thought of you all...

true story.

Dave said...

Mmmm... a knickerbocker glory will go down very nicely, thank you. Even though it sounds rude.

ziggi said...

I just need chocolate . . .

or a gin

KAZ said...

That Kiwi fruit is becoming contaminated by its proximity to the bacon buttie.
Bugger it - I'll have a choccie.

Mel said...

A bit of sloth would probably serve me well.......however--could I have some Anger please.

*sigh* Seems I've been wearing it....might as well eat it, too?

I'm almost sure himself would go fo the sammich dealie--but when you toss in a banana split(!!!) it could all be up for grabs!

Mel said...

I wanna be a blue effalump with funky glasses!!!!!!



Thank you!