too many internet places

I was just going to write "I'm very tired and I'm going to bed" and then I realised that this wasn't FaceBook



Rimshot said...

I'm very tired and I'm going to school.

Mel said...

I'm very tired and I'm going to bed, too!

And I don't have a facebook page, either.
Though....truth be told I do have a lot of internet places I visit!

But only a few that I call 'home'.

Anonymous G said...

guess i'm heading to the clueless corner tent thingabobby.

i know what facebook is, but what does that have to do with being tired and going to bed?


i'm tired, but not yet going to bed because it's too early. i will not waste my precious hours sleeping...

although, i'm tired.

maybe i'll head up a little early tonight......


Are you on Fbook?

I shut mine down for another couple of months.
I'll prolly go back on in Dec to do all the Birthday/Festivus greetings but I cannot handle both..
just don't have the time or the inclination.

And even though I am tired and I want to go to bed, I have to visit a few more people tonight.

sweet dreams

Mig said...

Yes too many internet places. One of these days I'm going to bump into me in one and we won't recognise myselves!
(Tried to find you on facebook a few months ago but there were millions of you! Millions and millions!!!!
I'm going to try again :)

Mig said...

Ahaha! Now I know more than I did!!! I found you :)
(Be my friend?)