it's that moment when the tide is on the turn*

(*from being out, to coming in) presumably the river is still flowing downstream, but there is nothing to indicate this on the surface of the water

the surface of the water is almost flat - a mirror-like sheen of reflecting light from the bright winter sun; the sky is clear blue sky and there is very very little wind (unlike the predictions of the forecast, which were for the onset of wintery weather)(perhaps that will come later)(or maybe this is the eye of the storm and I just haven't realised that)

I saw a programme at the weekend about Phil Spector and have the tune to River Deep, Mountain High buzzing around my head - there are no mountains, and the river is not that deep here, but around and around the tune goes anyhow; for some reason I'm also humming Always Take The Weather With You, by Crowded House (and the bluegrass song Blue Skies. . .)

I read the word pagan at the weekend, and the mornings here in The Tower often feel like that for me, because I'm up so high: face-to-face with the tree tops, and the sky, watching the sun rise, or the wind blow, as if I am part of an ancient rite of worship for a new day

and there we have it

it's a new day

to fill with activities and opportunities and the everyday necessities of life, and hopefully a good thing or two

I hope your day
has some good things in it


Mel said...

k.....I'm gonna read that again and try to BE still......

Mel said...

Now ya know I failed miserably at being 'still' this morning.

I could attempt it again--but c'mon......what are the odds of me sitting and being still?!
<--is the one who takes toys to administrative meetings!

Hows about I just close my eyes and enjoy the view!

Much better plan!

Rimshot said...

I have some color chips to choose from for repainting the clue corner...

Dave said...

Good morning Rapunzel.

I, like the view said...

dave good morning

shot which colour did you go for then?

mel *nodding*, sounds good to me, whatever works for you is good for me! XX

Mig said...

I'm a bit envious of your ability to be up and watching the dawn from your tower. But it's wonderful to know that you're up there witnessing the elements. And always wonderful to imagine the things you describe.