the crack of dawn (that could be slightly rude if

said with the right innuendo. . .) (but since I do not do either in this medium, you'll know, dear reader, that it is the rising of the sun to which I refer)

I had to go up to town to see TGD (The Good Doctor! remember him?) very very very very early this morning

he really is an excellent chap - won't bore you with the details, but you'll be pleased to know I only needed three tissues during my half-hour consultation


then, to make the most of having forked out my £2 for the bus up there, I decided to wage a one woman battle with the credit crunch, kick start the economy and do a early little xmas shopping; part of me thinks this is absolutely terrible - festive purchases before we have even had Halloween, let alone Bonfire Night - part of me couldn't resist the array of (not quite yet) seasonal decorations available to someone with a few coppers in her pocket (or a card that wasn't maxxed out anyhow)
temptation won*,
and we'll say no more
(*funny that, I'm usually so able
to ignore it
in favour of acting sensibly)
moving swiftly on. . .
. . .when I came to buy a coffee a little later (I have to confess - I really do need to confess this - that I did slightly over do it on the shopping front [oops] and needed to calm down a little) I actually didn't have enough coppers left. . .

. . .so had to ask the waitress to kindly put my coffee in a take-away cup for me, which I then duly took-away (saving myself 50p into the bargain) (well, not really saving, since I didn't actually have the extra 50p in the first place, but you probably know what I mean)

but that meant I managed to sit on a bench in the sun for a while (you'll recall, dear reader, how much I love sitting on benches, especially when the sun is shining) and watch some school children at play: a wonderful game - each child had a coloured handkerchief in his/her back pocket, the aim of the game seemed to be to run from one side of the green to the other without someone snatching the handkerchief out of your pocket (so simple, yet obviously so much fun!)

then I hopped on the bus home, and now I'm back - and rather wonderfully, the heating seems to have been fixed in my absence

could life get any better?


Vicus Scurra said...

Was there a Mr Fagin supervising that children's game?

Mr Coppens said...

Remember how trite our worries were when we were children. We were still open to new experiences and we had immediate access to our emotions.

Even though my idyllic childhood was spoiled by adults on several occasions, I still remember it with rose coloured glasses and I'd go back in a heartbeat...
for a few days anyway.

I love to watch their faces..
kids haven't perfected all of the masking and role playing so they react naturally.
That is so cool.

Sorrow said...

to sit on a bench and sip coffee..
sounds like bliss.
and here's to you!
on your 3 tissue
shopping for love
and sitting in the sun day!
hip hip hooray!

Dave said...

I was going to say that about Fagin. Then, Vicus and I were both around when Dickens was writing.

A postcard, covered with colour, has just dropped through my letter box. From a distance it looks like a playground, full of brightly-coloured children's handerchiefs (the handerchiefs, not the children).

Dave said...

A handerchief is a typo, caused by my eye, OK?

KAZ said...

I've come over all funny thinking of the dear little kiddies playing innocent handkerchief games.
And there was obviously no butch games mistress in attendance with a whistle and a sneer.
Aaah - bliss.

katherine. said...

seems like a near perfect morning...

only three tissues?
you could have your own hankerchief instead....

Mel said...

(((((( ILTV ))))))))


Anonymous G said...

Oh, it does sound like a perfect way to spend a day.

How lovely for you.

And me, as this made me smile!


Mig said...

Oh Brilliant - the heating! I was worrying about you being cold.

I am of course delighted that you only needed three tissues, even more so that TGD is excellent and still available. A TGD is a Very Good Thing!

Hope you had fun looking through the purchases when you got home to the warmth :)

(((((((( I )))))))