I also like this

it seems very simplistic compared to the Barber, wouldn't you say - altho I adore the way it was used in this

*"musical form and compositional technique: canons are characterized by having a melody that is imitated at a specified time interval by one or more parts, either at the same pitch or at some other pitch; imitation may occur in the same note values, in augmentation (longer notes), or in diminution (shorter notes); in retrograde order (beginning at its end), mirror inversion (each ascending melodic interval becoming a descending interval, and vice versa), or retrograde mirror inversion; and so on; canons range from folk rounds such as 'three blind mice' and 'Frère Jacques' to the massively complex canons of Johann Sebastian Bach"


Rimshot said...



*does the wave*

Mel said...

Ohhh......very nice. I like this piece, too! Two. Both. LOL